Evely’s new PINK bedroom

January 30, 2010

Here are a couple of pictures we took the night we put her bedroom back together. I didn’t get the bed made with her pink sheets, so that doesn’t exactly look the way I wanted it to in the pictures. However, I was mainly taking pictures of the walls and the new color. Out with the blue and in with the girly pink! She loves her new room. We would go check on her late that night and she would be laying there eyes wide open, looking around with a smile on her face. I would say “Evely, you really need to go to sleep now.” She would say “I know, Mom, I just can’t close my eyes. They want to look at everything!”



Regarding my Mom: She came home last Tuesday and has settled back in pretty well. We moved her bed to the living room so that she is a part of everything going on there. They had an occupational therapist come out today to have her evaluated. They thought she was doing well and will be working toward getting her out of bed and into a chair on the next visits.



2 responses to Evely’s new PINK bedroom

  1. That’s adorable!

  2. Awww….how sweet! I remember how fun it was to “re-do” the bedroom for our girls. Alisha had a pinkish room when she was little (do you remember helping us paint it?) and then when she was older we switched to lime green and periwinkle with flowers and butterflies. There is a whole lot of fun in decorating a little girls room. I’m glad to hear Evely is enjoying it so much…..miss you all!