Exercise at it’s Best

August 4, 2007

I finally got the bike bug after not riding a bike for years! Now we can do another family activity that everyone can enjoy. I am finding so much pleasure in being able to all go somewhere and everyone has fun.

So we did yet another first and visited a local conservation area and rode our bikes. It was a beautiful evening and had cooled down from the hot day. The roads were shady and quiet and it smelled like the farm when I was a kid.

We even saw a deer and some rabbits while riding along.

Here are the boys on their bikes. We are going to put the training wheels on Julian’s old bike to see if Jaden can ride it better. His little bike has to be pedalled continuously in order to keep moving – it doesn’t coast. So his little legs get very tired after awhile.

Evely still has the best seat in the house, behind her Daddy. She likes riding behind and not having all the work of pedalling.

Somehow I didn’t get a picture of me on my bike. Maybe I will post it in a later post. I love it! It’s just my size and purple.



6 responses to Exercise at it’s Best

  1. I was hoping to see a pic of your bike! I am glad you found one that fits!

  2. Lovin the sweat band Tom. :-)

  3. Well I made fun of when I wear the bandana. People say I look “south of the border”. It was still hot and it matched my outfit. Sexy.

  4. I kept looking and thinking, “Huh? I thought she got a bike?” Thus I could only chuckle when I got to the end to see that you somehow neglected that important picture. Good for you guys, hope to see a pix of you and your new ride soon.

  5. I remember when we were dating and I first saw the ‘ol headband and bandana! It took some getting used to, but then it’s just “Tom” and I love him. I have pictures of him painting our lattice for our wedding in really short purple shorts t-shirt and bandana. So this “habit” of his goes waaay back.

    Yes, Carl, I will need to post a pic of my new ride. It’s sooo hot I haven’t been able to ride much.

  6. It’s not that hot. I love the heat if I can wear the proper sweat catching devices.