Fading Shadows of Babyhood

December 11, 2007

Evely is growing up so quickly. Sometimes she seems so tiny and then other days I look at her and see a little girl with a fetish for Dora, singing and bossing bigger brothers around. She has an adorable lisp to her huge vocabulary and she makes all around her smile. She is such fun.

I was trying to get her hair to grow out and she has never had a true haircut, so a couple weeks ago I took her to the beauty shop to have her first cut. She loved it!

Here she is getting ready for the snip.

Wendy gave her a cute little girl bob. Her hair looks so healthy and much thicker now.

Here she is eyeing the finished product in the mirror. Doesn’t she look so grown up!



6 responses to Fading Shadows of Babyhood

  1. I tried to get her to my barber’s but Karen wouldn’t have it. They put shaving cream on your neck and everything. I thought Ev would like that. She does look cute though, and she probably enjoyed being around the ladies better.

  2. As badly as she needed a shave, I thought the beauty shop would be best for her first cut. She does look so cute . . .and grown up! :flowers

  3. She is growing up so fast. I still think of her as that little baby I would always hold. :cry She is such a big girl!

  4. Her new do is adorable! I remember each of my girls getting their first bob. In just a few minutes time they morph from babyhood into 100 percent little girl.

    I love the look on her face in the last photo.

  5. I’ve always thought she is one of the cutest little stinkers around. The haircut looks great.

  6. Evely looks so adorable! I love her new hairdo.