Family Photos

December 16, 2006

We did it! We bit the bullet of stressful planning and made an appointment for a family picture. We have dreaded doing this for. . . well, since it was just Tom, me and Julian! That was the last time we had our pictures taken.

You see whenever you make an appointment to do this all hell breaks loose. The kids get sick or some weird infection that has to do with their face. Someone throws up, wets their pants or has a meltdown. The van doesn’t start when you get ready to leave the house – or any number of mishaps. But after hearing from our loving family that they were in need of an updated picture – we did it.

Yes, the kids got sick, their lips were chapped, Evely’s eye kept watering – but it wasn’t too bad. I prayed all week that the kids would behave and smile. That we would all get there in one piece with no blood shed and, praise the Lord, we ended up with a few good pictures. I was pleased!







8 responses to Family Photos

  1. Oh my gosh! Those are great, Karen! Those almost make me want to try to have our family picture taken….in another year or two :rotfl

  2. Yay!!! You received your Christmas miracle!! They are very good. The kids look great! I love Evely’s shirt. The top family pic is precious!!!!

    You’re inspiring me to give it another shot, too!!! No hanging wet clothes out the window trying to dry them on the way to the photographer!!! :rotfl

  3. Those are great pictures! You guys are all very photogenic! I love the one with Jaden slightly frowning while sitting on top of Julian. Very cute.

  4. Yeah, we had a really hard time getting Jaden to smile for any of the pictures. That is sort of his “style” though. I thought the one with the three kids really captured their personalities.

  5. Those pictures are adorable!!! You are such a good looking family. :-) My mom laughed at the picture of the 3 kiddos for like 5 minutes. Priceless!!!! And the pic of Evely is the most adorable thing ever. Love Them!!!

  6. Karen is the patron saint of patience. I was really running low after like 20 seconds. Don’t think for a second all this was accomplished quickly. I don’t know where that picture of Evely came from, she was wiggling, rolling over and wouldn’t get her hands from her face. Jaden wouldn’t look at the camera. Julian was perfect every time though and gave me hope that when everyone is like 6 or 7 pictures might actually become fun. Now to lose some weight…

  7. I think you all great = )

  8. I meant think you all look great!!