Favorable Moments

June 27, 2006

My Pastor taught the most inspiring message this past weekend. It really spoke to me and I have been pondering it throughout my harried days this week.

He spoke about how we can see ourselves as failures. In the worlds eyes, we may be. . .we may not have lots of money, fame and fortune. However, in the eyes of God a successful person is the one who recognizes the place they are in as where God wants them and PERSEVERES in that place. Success = Perseverance. He also said that as we recognize and accept the places he puts us, we will come to see his FAVOR upon us. I have been looking around this week and seeing his favor upon my life and it has helped me to be thankful, grateful and a little more peaceful.

So here are just a few of my favorable and peaceful moments of today..

Our tomatoes ripening on the vine

Here’s a frog that the kids found.

They played with him for a long time and while in their care he swam, played in the sand, went down the slide,

was fought over,thrown across the yard (eeks!) and then freed to go tell his froggy friends a story they won’t believe.

Jaden learned to swing on the rope today

Missy Moo our little darlin’

Our big tree that shades our yard. I love this tree.

Me and Ev

“It is not necessary to hope in order to understand, nor to succeed in order to persevere.”



9 responses to Favorable Moments

  1. Karen what wonderful moments. I love my walks, and taking pictures. I can walk down the road and talk to God and just really amuse myself with him, his garden he built for us(trees, flowers, rocks and water etc) playing with the frog, took me back when punky and I played outside and in the woods all the time together.

  2. Marlis, you are right about His garden! I can be having a really nasty day inside and then I go outside to swing the kids or just sit in the sunshine for a minute and my mindset changes. It’s like nature and His beauty takes me back to true reality as I drink it in.

  3. I love the pic of you and Evely. It’s beautiful. Did you take it?

    I appreciated this when you shared it with me. You are such an encourager to me.

    Today I am reminded to perservere! If I do that I will have success today!

  4. Yup, I did take it . I was experimenting with trying to do ‘self-portraits’. I rarely get my picture taken with the kids so I thought I would try. I like the picture too.

    I’m glad it encouraged you.

  5. Hey friend-
    My kids are sure that the frog (or frog-get as Mathis calls it) in your pictures is the one the stays in our veggie garden. Sam said she hopes it is having fun on its visit to her best friends house. It just made my heart smile so I thought I’d share it you. The pic of you and Evely is precious!

  6. That’s hilarious, Micky! Kids are so funny and come up with the craziest stuff don’t they. Today Julian was asking if we could invite Sam over to play. I told her we would soon.

    so . . .we need to plan something.

  7. My brother and I used to spend every summer catching tadpoles and frogs and toads of all shapes and sizes. I’m sure we inadvertently killed any number of the poor things over all those years. I hadn’t seen tadpoles in forever and we saw some in a pond at the bed and breakfast the other day and it was like a flashback to childhood!

  8. Carl, I remember tadpoles, too. I don’t when the last time it was I actually saw one. I think it’s so neat how kids find all this stuff right out in our yard that I would never see. Maybe it’s because they are closer to the ground. Maybe it’s because I’m not really looking and my mind is on some “important” matter.

  9. Karen, your kiddos are adorable!