First Class Angel, Kenny

December 21, 2005

This year for the Christmas program at church, the 4 – 6 year olds were to do this adorable little play about an angel. It was First Class Angel, Kenny (our Pastor’s name). This angel was to pick the star to shine the way for the Savior’s birth.

MY son, Julian was picked to play the part of this First Class Angel. Well. . .we got to the practice on Saturday a few minutes late and headed toward the stage. This is what greeted my 5 1/2 year old BOY.


He suddenly started hanging on my coat, burying his head in my crotch and saying “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom. . .I’m not going up there. I’m scared of the stage!” I thought he was having stage fright. No amount of coaxing could get him on the stage. I even tried to bribe him with picking something out at the toy store. Nothing worked! Later they talked him into being one the children dressed in their PJ’s listening to the story being read. He agreed happily to that.

Later that day he told me. . .”Mom, I didn’t want to go on the stage because I didn’t want to be one of those angels! I thought people would think I was a girl. I also thought I might just turn into a girl!!” I laughed so hard. I never really thought about him thinking that he would be dressed like all the little girls. They didn’t have his costume ready and so he couldn’t see what it was to look like.

Needless to say, he was fine with his new part and the play was rewritten to have a girl be the First Class Angel. It was so cute and the candlelighting service was really neat. Here are some photos of the evening.

Here’s Julian sporting his manly batman Pj’s



Julian’s good friend Sam



5 responses to First Class Angel, Kenny

  1. I love that last picture of Julian and Sam. It’s completely adorable!!!

    That picture of the angels is sooo funny!!! Poor Julian. He thought he was going to be sissified. Batman is always a good choice!

    I remember those CCC Christmas candlelighting ceremonies. Great memories of good times!!

  2. I love the logic of kindergarteners!

  3. Those angel costumes look great…great pic too!

    I’m a little worried about that picture of Tom though…he looks a bit too moved by the whole candle lighting thing.

  4. He was having fun blowing out everyone’s candles around him. Thus the look of pure delight.

  5. I kept blowing out our asst. pastor’s candle then he did mine. The look on his face the first time I did was priceless. I’ve known him for years he should have expected it.