First Date

March 7, 2007

Last night Evely went on her first “date” with her Daddy! A local McDonald’s has $1.99 Happy Meals on Tuesday nights, so we were headed out for a special evening meal. Tom was heading to Bible Study straight from the revered place of dining and so he kept asking who wanted to ride with him on the way down. He asked both of the boys who turned him down, which was quite a shock because he was taking the Mistress. (The Mistress is his beloved big black pickup truck that he adores, pets, cleans, pours money into and takes out on special manly occasions.)

So after being turned down by both boys he asked Evely who responded with a resounding “YUP!”.

He clipped her carseat in and up and away she went. She was ecstatic!!

Tom, Evely and the Mistress

I whipped out my camera and told Evely to give Daddy loves. She leaned over and lovingly put her pony-tailed little head on his.

Let’s all say it together “AWWWWWW. . .”



5 responses to First Date

  1. Awwww! She doesn’t just melt daddy’s heart! Evely is so cute in her pig tails!

    It’s really good to read again about how the family’s doing and see new pictures! Thanks for blogging!


  2. Yeah, I’m trying to get back to it!! I’ve been very lazy with it. I have some new stuff to post and that helps. I think with Spring coming the doldrums of winter is starting to pass. Yeah!

  3. How sweet! Tom looks pleased too. The father / daughter relationship is invaluable.

    Lydia and I went for a car ride tonight. She wanted to talk to me but we kept getting interrupted. We decided to go for a ride and it was very enjoyable. We’ll be doing that again, I’m sure.

  4. That’s a good idea, Jules! Just get away when it’s too noisy and interruptions galore.

  5. What precious pictures!! Some of the “dates” we have at our house end up being errand-related. “Oh boy, we get to go to Sam’s Club!” Luckily, they don’t care, as long as they get special attention. 😀