Fishing at St. Pete’s

June 22, 2010

While at St. Pete Beach we took out for a 1/2 day fishing trip. We left John’s Pass at Medeira Beach on a fishing boat that had about 30 people on it. We had two Mates that helped us with our tackle, bait and fish and they were great! We had a captain and a cook in the galley. We left early in the morning and they took us out about an hour from shore and then we fished for several hours before heading back.

We were mostly fishing for gray snapper, mackerel and king fish but we caught a lot of other interesting fish along the way.

Here is Jaden holding a gray snapper that he caught.

This is cut squid and we used it for our bait. The mates would bait your hook, take off the fish or whatever you needed help with. You can do as much as you want on your own, or get as much help as you need. After you would catch the fish, they assigned you a stringer number and each time you caught a fish they would add it to your stringer.

This is an interesting fish that attaches itself to a shark and it would literally attach itself to anything on the boat. The mates took it and stuck it on the boat wall to show us.

We DID catch some sharks too. Tom got a hold of one that was so big we never saw it. It bit his line right off. I was reeling in a fish when a shark came and ate the fish on my hook! I had it to the top of the water but it also snapped my line. Then Julian hooked one and almost had it in the boat but got tangled with several other lines and lost it. I had no idea we would see that many sharks out there.

I caught this cute little puffer fish. When the mate would take it off the hook they would blow into it and it would puff up. They look like a rubber ball.

We also caught a lot of grouper, like the one Julian has here. They had to be 20 inches to keep them. I think only one person on the boat got to keep one.

After we came back to John’s Pass, they gave us our stringer of fish and they would fillet them right there. We had the restaurant just up the stairs prepare our fish for us.  The fish was great but can’t say much about the rest of their food.

This was a very memorable day for all of us. The weather was beautiful, the ocean blue/green. We saw dolphin and sea turtles as we went. I would highly recommend going if you are ever in Florida!

I can’t end this post without showing you the sunset that night…



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  1. The beats fishing in a pond/lake any day!!!! Thanks for sharing your memories with us!!! I miss your face- we need to hang out soon:)

  2. I meant “that beats”…can’t type or write or even think sometimes:)