German Chocolate Cake!!

April 26, 2006

I first discovered German Chocolate “anything” when I was about 12. My friend had invited me to a family get-together and some wonderful woman had brought German Chocolate Pie! It was a small piece of heaven on a saucer for me and so began my love affair with German Chocolate.

Later I discovered that one of the 31 flavors that Baskin Robbins sported was German Chocolate Cake ICECREAM! It was phenomenal and was always my choice whenever we went there. However, the last few years I haven’t seen it there and I have been heart-broke over my loss.

Some Dairy Queens make a German Chocolate blizzard, and while wonderful, never fully compared to the Baskin Robbins icecream.

BUT! Today I attended the Mom’s Pray and Play group for church. We went to a new coffee shop just up the street from our church and lo and behold there on the sign “German Chocolate Cake” flavored coffee screamed at me. I must have this, I decided. I wasn’t too hopeful that it would be anything like I was hoping for, but would give it a try. OH MY!! It was delectable! I am sitting here craving another one as I type. What a find! What joy!

My German Chocolate Cake coffee and a muffin


Doc’s is the name of this new shop. I feel it may be a place I will frequent!

This hilarious sign was hanging on the wall. Thank goodness our kids were being watched at the church!

These are my lovely friends that I enjoyed while sipping my newfound coffee – Karen and Amber.



7 responses to German Chocolate Cake!!

  1. Alright a free puppy!

  2. I need to try out this place!!!! When are we going?!

  3. Let’s plan a date, Jules.

    Yeah, the sign is great. The guy behind the counter said that it’s bad when the kids ask to see the puppies.

  4. Man…do I look that tired all the time?

    Oh my goodness, I can’t stop thinking about my creme’ brulee drink either….MUST go get another one very soon. Your German Chocolate was just as yummy….now I’m drooling.

    I’ll be adding Doc’s to our regular schedule for sure. I think we need to go there once a month during our Bible study weeks. It’s so close to the Church that it would be no biggie if we needed to run back to pick up a kid. There was a small couch and some chairs at the back & I thought that would be perfect for our little group.

    *Did you notice all of the artwork on the walls? The owner has to be a Christian.

  5. Yeah, I was thinking that too. I can’t wait to go back!

  6. That sign cracked me up out loud. I can see Julian sounding out the words and suddenly realizing what they say and his eyes getting wide and all he can say is puppy…puppy. Then the rest of the kids hear “puppy” and it’s all over then.