Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

December 14, 2007


I know many of you keep up on Mom’s progress through this site. I wanted to let you know that she is doing well!

She just went back to the oncologist for a checkup this week and yesterday received her tumor marker numbers again. They were at 9! That’s really good. They have been staying under 10 each time she goes. We are praising the Lord for good reports and health.

“Pray, and let God worry” ~Martin Luther



11 responses to Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

  1. I have been wondering how your mom is doing. I am so glad she is doing great. I hope you and yours has a wonderful CHRISTMAS.

  2. Thanks, Marlis!! You have a Merry Christmas too. Sounds like it will be a full one at your place. Tell Kandi “hey”!

  3. Praise the Lord!

  4. I was wondering about this very thing. I am so thankful for another great number! God is so good. It’s amazing watching the Lord work miracles.

    I have been completely asthma free since earlier this fall. I went from using my inhaler again several times a day to being completely healed! Each time asthma tries to come back on me I command it to LEAVE. The last time it came back on me (this fall), it hit me really hard. I had my pastor pray with me and I haven’t needed my inhaler since. I KNOW without a doubt that it’s because of Jesus that I’m not using my inhaler. I am so thankful that by his striped we are healed.

    Thank you, Jesus!

  5. by his STRIPES we are healed! 😀

  6. What great news! I look forward to your updates on your Mom. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  7. That is the best Christmas news one could receive. So glad to hear it!!!

  8. Yes, I have so much to be thankful for. That good report was the “bestest” Christmas gift I could ask for.

    I do appreciate all of your prayers. I continue to trust God, and praise Him for His mercy and grace. I also know that it is because of Him that I am here to enjoy these Holidays.

    God is good; all the time. All the time, God is good.

  9. Yup, it’s great news!! God is good.

    Jules, I am so glad about your asthma too! That’s a big one.

  10. Well, I know it’s not nearly as big as what Judy has gone through. I am so thankful that your mom is well. Watching her has really increased my faith. It is a blessed Christmas!!!

    It ocurred to me that I haven’t really shared much about what the Lord has done for me. It’s been life changing. Now I can even get Lydia a kitten for Christmas!

  11. Hey guys, Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Do your mom & dad have a new e-mail add. also, I am getting daimon notes back. Love to all Aunt Shirley