Grandma’s Butter Horn Rolls

November 21, 2005

Leona Batt, my priceless Grandmother

Yesterday Julian and I made Butter Horn Rolls using my Grandmother’s recipe. She made these quite often and I remember Thanksgiving’s on the farm with these gracing her table. My Grandmother was the best. . .best cook, best listener, best card player, best smile, best at hospitality, best chocolate chip cookies. . .all around best Grandma!

She taught me so many things that I could never repay her for. She had a hard life as a poor farmer’s wife, yet she made lemonade out of lemons. She was a great lady and will always be one of the “top ten favorite people” my whole life long. Can’t wait to see her one day!

Here is her recipe. It’s a keeper!

Butter Horn Rolls


2 Cups scalded milk
2 packages yeast -dissolved in 1/4 cup warm water
1 cup unsalted butter
1 cup sugar
2 tsp salt
6 beaten eggs
9 cups flour

Add yeast mixture to milk when milk has cooled down.
Combine butter, sugar and salt with electric mixer on low.
Add milk and yeast to butter mixture.
Add beaten eggs.
Add half of flour and increase speed to medium. Beat well for two minutes.
Stir in remaining flour by hand – very soft dough.
Let rise till double – about 3 hours.
Divide into 6 equal parts. Roll each portion on lightly floured board to 9 -10 inch circle.
Brush with butter.
Cut each circle into 12 wedges (like a pizza).
Roll from wide end and place on cookie sheet.


Let rise before baking. Bake at 400 for 10 minutes.
Makes 6 dozen


bake at 250 for 15 minutes and then freeze. Pop into oven when needed for 8 minutes at 400.

Julian helped me roll the dough out and make the rolls. He said “Mom, where did you get this at?” I told him about my Grandma making them for Thanksgiving and he said “Wow, did you help her like I am helping you?” It just made my heart smile.




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  1. She was so beautiful how could your grandpa not snatch her right up! You’re building great memories – and living great memories from your childhood. You’re a great mom, Karen.

  2. Thanks, Cathy! I appreciate your vote of confidence. Sometimes, after a long day with little ones you just feel like you did the bare necessities to keep everyone healthy, sanitary and hugged.

  3. I know what you mean, Karen!! Moms need so much encouragement. I agree with Kathy. You ARE a terrific mom. Your children are very blessed.

    What a great picture!!! Thanks for sharing your Grandma with us. I wish I could have met her. Well, I will someday…. *sniff*

    I am soooooo happy to get this recipe!!! I will be making these this week. I remember you telling me about them. They look like little pieces of heaven!!! Yum!! Thanks so much!!!!

  4. Thanks, Jules!! You are a superb Mom, too.

    Have fun making them. It really isn’t very hard. It looks sort of involved but its not. Just time consuming with letting them rise.

  5. She would make me ham salad when she knew I was coming up. I tried to make it myself one time and much to my chagrin I realized too late she actually used bologna instead of real ham. I couldn’t get enough water. I only knew her a few years but she always, always had food prepared when we visited. I see her in Karen all the time.

  6. Thanks, Hon, what a huge compliment!!

    She was great. . . she always had a cherry pie cooling on the back counter if she knew I was coming and the cookie jar was always full.

  7. I will always remember her laughs!! She was so much fun to play cards with.

  8. That’s for sure! She taught me cards. I spent hours playing Rummy, Dominoes and Marbles (chinese checkers) with her.

    She only had an eighth grade education but no one would ever have known it!

  9. Here’s a quote for your Grandma:

    “There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” Thomas Wolfe

  10. Isn’t that one true. Reminds me of the whole “captivating” thing.

  11. I fell in love with that quote when I read it. I will probably put it on my blog too.

    I am the one in the family that does most of the cooking. Sometimes it becomes very mundane. When I read that quote, I realized that there is great value and worth in cooking meals for my family. I am meeting their physical needs as well as feeding their souls. I wish the world attached the amount of respect and value that the “traditional” roles of women deserve. Being in a traditional role does not mean I am in a subservient role. Just the opposite is true. My influence in my home and the lives of my children is beyond compare.

    That is my soap box for the day.

  12. That’s a good soap box topic. I agree. Sometimes I love to cook and other times I hate it. Keeping my focus that it is a privilege to feed those I love would help a lot.

    This is funny. Sunday morning I was bathing the baby in the sink, loading the dishwasher, making pancakes, making Tom an omelet and frying bacon all at once. I burned the bacon pretty bad and Tom said his omelet was too done. Luckily the pancakes weren’t burned and the baby didn’t drowned.

    Later we were laughing about it and Tom said “The really funny thing is that you burned the bacon and still served it to us!” :)

    I am good at multi-tasking, but I realized that just being able to do it doesn’t matter if none of it is done well.

  13. Yes, I think that soapbox was for myself!!! Sometimes I need to remind myself how important my role is and I need to attach the amount of worth to it that it deserves.

    I don’t fix breakfast Sunday mornings. James usually toasts the kids Eggos while I shower and do my makeup!! We leave the house at 8:30. It’s very challenging!!! Your a good woman to be frying bacon and making omelets on a Sunday morning!

    I am sure that you are a multi-tasking pro and can pull it off and have high quality results!!! Burned bacon……it happens!! Shake it off!!!

  14. Thanks, Jules. I wasn’t overwhelmed with my burnt offering. It was just a good reminder that what I serve my family is important. Just because they are stuck with me doesn’t mean they deserve less than what I would serve a friend. :)

    You’re a good woman for being at church at 8:30 with 4 daughters in tow!

  15. I made these yesterday, and they are soooooo yummy. I can’t keep the kids out of them. I cooked them too long at first. I cut back the bake time a little and they were perfect. Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. Karen-
    I can’t wait to try these. I went out and bought everything to make them on Wednesday, but I couldn’t pull it off in time for Thanksgiving (wonder why???). Maybe next week :-) Not that my butt needs any more carbs to help it along…..but some times I just don’t care. Those size 10 jeans will have to wait a little longer (I’m donating my size 6 jeans to charity-HA!).

  17. I hope people don’t erroneously believe I make my wife cook breakfast on Sunday mornings and then complain about the end result. I usually make my own and the kids if time allows, but we don’t have to leave until 9:45 or so. The bacon was not just dark but it crumbled apart like communion crackers.

  18. Grandma was the best…. Not only were there always cookies in the jar, but also pancake batter in a mason jar on the kitchen counter for breakfast the following morning.

    Memories of playing games, sharing jokes, and hearing her pray are truly priceless.

  19. Thanks for posting, Brad. I agree with you totally. I can’t say that I ever remember the pancake batter, though.

  20. Karen, would it be possible for you to send just the recipe for the butter horn rolls, along with the picture of Julian with his tongue hanging out.

  21. Sure. I’ll send it to ya.

  22. Karen I love ur recipie…and ur goood looking,nice grandma…But I want to ask a question that, I want to make this Butter Horn Rolls ..but I don’t have “electric mixer” HOW I can make the Butter Horn Rolls..Is there any Option..
    and one more thing ur baby “Julian” is cute and it remembered me Famous Five series’s Julian called Juu..
    well nice of u if u tell me the option..
    Bye….. 😛 8) 😛