Growing Up Way Too Fast!

January 10, 2006

“Anyone who uses the phrase ‘easy as taking candy from a baby’ has never tried taking candy from a baby.”

As I read this quote this week, I laughed outloud because we are currently experiencing this with our two babies. Although Jaden is two, he is still a baby and then there is sweet Evely that has found her lungs and initiative this last week.

It’s funny how an eleven-month old baby can go from sitting on your lap and happily crawling around the house to standing, screaming, and taking over the computer (all in one week)!!



Evely has on occasion sat in the computer chair with one of the boys and watched them play their Reader Rabbit games. She loves it! The other night we suddenly realized, after a lot of commotion from the chair, that she had booted out the boys and taken over the computer. There she stood, pounding on the keyboard and pointing and squealing at the screen.

She is going to be able to hold her own when it comes to keeping up with the boys. I think she is already starting to boss them around! :)



8 responses to Growing Up Way Too Fast!

  1. She is sooooo adorable. I could just eat her up!

    Such a fun age. Busy too!

  2. She is busy busy! I told Tom tonight that I think she is going to be ornery! She is starting to show her true colors!

  3. Good for her…Go Evely!!!

  4. I bet she has already passed up Tom in the ‘computer ability’ department.

    She sure is cute!

  5. You don’t think that Tom is very computer savvy?? :)

  6. She is so precious! I love her little personality coming through.

  7. Yeah, it’s so fun to see them develop their own personality!

  8. Olivia is right there with Wesley. They said that DS kids don’t think logically…HA! When she doesn’t get her way with Wesley, you can just see the wheels turning and she goes at him in a different way…very slyly at that… She’s very determined to get what she wants! If she doesn’t…she’ll put her head down and start to fuss (more like throw a sissy fit) and after a minute you’ll see her squinting her eyes trying to peek throught her eyelashes to see if anyone is paying attention. If she doesn’t think you are, she starts with a little renewed vigor… Mom and Dad have caught on tho… 😉