Hairy Moment

April 10, 2006

Last week we took the boys to have their haircut at the local Custom Cuts. They run a special for kids cuts on Wednesdays. We have taken Julian to have his hair cut several times but Jaden has never had his done – only by his dear Mama. I have always put him in the kitchen sink and let him play in the water while I chop away. However, my two and 1/2 year old is now outgrowing my sink so it’s time to make the big step.

We had to wait for a really long time and the kids were all really restless. It finally came our turn and Jaden went first. He sat there pretty well but you could tell he was not very happy! This is the look on his face throughout the hair cut!

Is this not hilarious!!

He was pretty cooperative for it being his first time.

Finished! He’s happy with his new look.





5 responses to Hairy Moment

  1. It was so fun to see you guys Saturday afternoon/evening. I enjoyed watching Jaden slowly break the ice with me…all I need is a few hours to get through to that kid! :) He was hilarious. It was also hilarious to watch Julian dance and Evely just being Evely. They are all cuties.

  2. They’re all adorable. That top picture will never cease to be hilarious!! The dancing and the fist full of candy was priceless! You have great kiddos!

  3. We had sooo much fun Sat. night!! The whole evening was great fun. The kids had a blast – all of them.

    Julie, there we were again in your bedroom all hanging out. It was just like old times in the trailer when you had no heat except in your bedroom!

    Tom and I talked about how much fun we had for quite awhile. Let’s do it again soon!

  4. What is it about our bedroom?!! How funny!

    I wish I had several good pictures of our trailer. I only have one pic and that is the backside. You are standing out in our yard with your long curly late 80’s hairdo!

  5. Yeah, I remember that hairdo! I don’t think we have any pics of it either. I have some of the guys playing basketball outside.