November 9, 2006

Here’s a good story for all you good folks. This shows how fried the brain of a stay at mommy really is. . .

This morning Julian was brushing his teeth and out popped a very loose bottom tooth. He proudly showed everyone his gaping bloody hole with the new tooth poking through the gum. A very big event in the life of a six year old! He carefully gave it to me and spoke excitedly to Jaden and Evely of the goodies the tooth fairy would be bringing him tonight.

I carefully put it up on the bar and told myself to put it in a baggy when I got back from taking Julian to school. My morning was busy as my friend Jules was coming over with her kids. I went about making the beds, cleaning toilets and sinks, picking up all the scattered toys and cleaning the kitchen and wiping down all the counters. Later I thought, “Oh, I’ve gotta put Julian’s tooth in a baggy.” I went to the bar to get it . . .and it was GONE!! I then suddenly remembered picking up a piece of white something and tossing it into the trash. You know that sinking feeling of horror you get in the pit of your stomach. . .yeah. That was me.

So, I started going through the trash can. After pilfering through some poopy diapers, cereal, nasty food that cannot be identified. . .I quit. I had this wonderful idea that I could just go find one of his old teeth out of the hiding spot and put it in a baggy and he wouldn’t know the difference. So I did. However, the old teeth look . . .well. . .old! It was dingy and brown and looked different. It wasn’t the white shiny tooth that he held up that morning with glee – and you have to know Julian, he would KNOW! He just would and then it would be a big problem.

So all day this tooth problem is hanging over my head and the thoughts of “what will Julian do when he sees this crackly looking old brown tooth in the bag?”, “How could I have thrown that away and not thought a thing of it?”, “crap, crap and double dog doo CRAP!”.

Finally, I tell Jules that I gotta go through that gross trash bag. She was game as she is a regular dumpster diver herself. So we dug through the nasties and guess what. . .WE FOUND IT!!! There it was, gleaming and white, amidst the coffe grounds, pancake mess and smooshed cereal!

tooth 1
Relief at last!!!!

The Prize!

What we go through for the sake of our little children’s psyche. More like what I went through for mine! The great thing is he will never know what his little tooth went through today as he lays it under his pillow for mommy the tooth fairy to find.

Thanks, Jules, for helping me go through that mess!!!



12 responses to HALLELUJAH! IT’S BEEN FOUND!

  1. A tooth in the trash,
    Oh, well.
    A tooth in the trash,
    Do tell!
    Momma in the trash,
    NO way!
    She found the tooth,
    Under the pillow now it goes,
    so the tooth fairy can bring what?—who knows.

    You can tell things were slow here at work right now, waiting for boss to come back from a meeting. What an experience both you and the tooth have had today. Yep, you are “making memories”!

  2. Your soooo funny, Aunt C! You’re a poet and didn’t know it.

    :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  3. Hurray! I am proud of you (and Jules). These things mean so much to Julian!

  4. I am always game for sifting through trash. Between the kids and I, I’ve had to dig through lots of gross trash to find something that was missing!! James has even had to climb into the dumpster!

    I must say the old, soggy cereal, coffee grounds and un-indentifiable things stuck to gooey newspaper made me a little queasy, but it was still fun searching! I am glad we found it!!!

    You are such a comfort to me. You are obviously very intelligent, yet your brain shorts out just like mine! It’s gotta be a busy mom thing!

  5. I’d like to think that one day I’ll be blessed with a few more brain cells than what I’m currently running on :rotfl Between the marathon training schedule, three kids, and countless school and church activities, I’m not really sure how I keep things straight as often as I do. Actually, I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for all the things we DO remember to do.

  6. Yeah, I think you are right, Amber. We keep track of so much that even Mom’s of older kids don’t have to – like the sippy cups, special blankets and animals, who pooped, who brushed their teeth, SHOES! etc. . . .

  7. I got to tell ya girl, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, ya need to start writing and get em published. I love the way you can tell a story.

    Your right too, a kid always remembers just what them teeth look like each time they lose one. Can’t fool them.

    I’m proud of you and Jules for finding it. 😉

  8. Yeah, Marlis. I laughed when Julian came home from school that afternoon. He walked in the door and said “Where’s my tooth, Mom!”. He examined that thing for 20 minutes and talked about it’s size and how it will never grow again. I just snickered inside the whole time thinking how glad I was that it was the right tooth.

  9. At least it wasn’t in the poopy diaper! That would’ve been baaad!

  10. Yeah, but it would have been worth the find, Carl!

  11. That would have made a great picture; a little white tooth stuck in poop! Hehe!

    I am glad the diaper was folded up!

  12. :rotfl :rotfl