Happy 37th!!

April 6, 2007

Wednesday was Tom’s birthday and I failed to get his post done on his special day. I can’t let it pass without saying how much I love my hubby and I hope that this 37th year of life for him is wonderful and goes beyond his dreams for it.


It was a pretty normal Wednesday for him, he did receive a big balloon bouquet at work from me and the kids. He brought home a chocolate cake and some bagels too. We went to Longhorn for his favorite meal – Prime Rib.

Here’s his rib, so that if you are a prime rib fan you can salivate. . .


For those out there that don’t know Tom that well. . .and for those who know him better than you would like. . .here is some things I love about him.

1. He never knows a stranger. He has a knack of making anyone and everyone feel very welcome.
2. He’s funny! That is the first characteristic that I loved about him when we first met. We were in English 101 at college and he just cracked me up.
3. He’s faithful. He knows what he has to do and he does it with a great attitude. He can stick with things long past the point that I would.
4. He loves to “project”. I make fun of his ability to make long lists of projects and not quit the day until all of them have been checked off. BUT I do love that about him. He can get more accomplished than anyone I know.
5. He loves the kids and it shows. I love the way they run to greet him everynight. He is the celebrity that makes all their tickle wishes come true.
6. He loves me. He sacrifices so much so that I can stay at home. It really is a big sacrifice, but it is worth it.
7. He is my favorite. I have always told him that he is always the answer to the question “What is your favorite. . .?”
8. I couldn’t do this life without him. That statement is true on soooo many levels and I am just so thankful to go through life with him as my friend, partner and husband.

Thank you, hon, for being here for me. For your love and sacrifice. Thank you for sharing your years with those of us who are very proud to know you and call you friend. You’re the best!

Happy Birthday to you!



17 responses to Happy 37th!!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Tommy Boy! :moon Sorry I missed it.

    Your dolpin joke is making you the hit of many of the circles I travel in. Your fame is spreading.

    An invite: Jeff and I, and maybe James, are going to see Grindhouse at 8 on Wed. if you’re interested.

  2. Love you back hon! Those are some mighty kind words. I had a great birthday and no one got hurt or no baby’s were born so the whole day belonged to me. That sounds kind of vain I know, but I have had some competition for birthday attention in the past. Not that I crave attention like a Hollywood has-been or anything but I like to think I can model true humility, on occasion. I can’t take credit for the dophin joke, I’m just repeating someone funnier than me. As for Grindhouse, I don’t know, it looks a little…Q.Tarantino. I’m kind of funny about him. I know coming from a guy who saw 300 three times, this movie looks a little over the top violent. Like un-natural violent. Go see it and if you really like it to see it twice, I’ll go.

  3. Hee Hee. When I first read your comment, Tom, I thought you were talking to Carl and telling him “love ya back, Hon”. Then I realized you were talking to ME! :fish :fish

  4. Well, I love him differently. 😀

  5. Man that steak looks good! I could have another one of those. No need to wait for another birthday.

  6. When are you gonna take me out again? :love

  7. Happy Birthday, Tom!!!! You guys are like family to us. I am glad we’ve been friends for so many years!

    The prime rib looks good but I’ll take a lean fillet over it any day. To each his own! I’m glad you devoured your heart’s desire!

  8. Happy Birthday, Tom! Karen is right; you are a great guy. We sure enjoy your friendship.

  9. Happy Be-lated Birthday Tom.

  10. Happy Birthday!! Tom :birthday

  11. Happy Birthday, Tom :birthday Glad you had a good day. I know how it feels to have to share your day with something (like sickness, or car accidents, or your sister’s wedding, or the birth of your nephew) or someone else. It’s kinda nice to have “your” day every so often.

    Don’t know what to say about your steak…..um, I’m glad you liked it! I’m more of a filet mignon kind of girl, but to each their own ;).

    *Have you told everyone the dolphin joke? :oops

  12. Tommy’s 37!!!!!!!! Oh my, how old does that make me?!!!?!!!

  13. Cindy, you’re only as old as your mind tells you. But in your case…

  14. Whew man that was funny. I laugh at my own jokes because no one else does. :moon Judging by the last time I saw you, you looked at least 10 years younger. Of course that was probably 10 years ago. Okay so I better stop now before a chance run-in at Walmart ends with me leaving with a limp. I think I can actually hear everyone typing “Tommy?”

  15. I noticed the “Tommy” right off too, hon. Since YOU brought it up. .. to all your people out there in blog land who don’t know this

    Tommy Joe is Tom’s given name. Everyone from his early days know him as Tommy.

    I think it’s cute. :love

  16. :indeed You’ll always be “Tommy” to me. :p

  17. For the record, I enjoy calling him “Tommy” :p I think it just fits him better than “Tom”. “Tom” just sounds too mature :rotfl