Happy Birthday, Baby!

February 3, 2008

I’ve had the privilege of having a beautiful baby girl in my life for a whole THREE years now! I can’t believe how she has blossomed over the last year, moving from babyhood and chubbies into a very sweet little lady.

We celebrated the big day with a family birthday party – Dora, of course!

She loved her Dora cake and picked yellow cake with chocolate frosting (Daddy’s favorite, too!)

Me & Ev – a rare picture!

Evely loved her new Dora chair and cleaned up on purses from Aunt Barb. She was so funny stuffing any new toy that she could fit into the purses.




13 responses to Happy Birthday, Baby!

  1. Happy Birthday Eve!
    Hello Karen..

    Have not blogged much and have not posted a new blog. I guess I need to get journaling a new blog but most people probably would get sick again if I posted on things I like.
    Hee heee heee


  2. Hey, Kandi! Good to hear from you. Hope your New Year is going well!

  3. Evely is a cutie pie.

    Girls are so fun when they turn three and four. What fun you are going to have!!!

  4. Hey karen:
    Good New Years so far….I hope you have a great New Year as well.
    Hey, is Jules blog down?
    Hi Jules…..heee heee

  5. Hey, K! I actually left a comment on my blog last night!!! And, Girl, you have no room to talk. I’d like to see a new post on your site!! (even if it is a gutted deer) hehe!

  6. Yeah, I ‘m ready to see some new posts on BOTH of your sites!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to the big girl!!

  8. P.S. Karen, Tori and I think your hair looks AWESOME in that picture of you and Evely.

  9. Thanks Mary & Tori!! I actually just got about 3 inches cut off right after that.

  10. And if Jules is reading this—Gee whiz!—it’s been over a month now since you posted—get the dang laundry folded!

  11. 😆 😆 😆 😆

  12. Love the purse collection :-) 3 year olds are so dang cute sometimes :)

    Oh, and Julie….sweetie, I know how hard it can be to get caught up on all that laundry, so I vote that you skip folding it & just go straight to doing a new blog post. The laundry can wait, but we can’t! :mrgreen:

  13. Maybe this would be a good time to ask for donations to my new camera fund. :mrgreen: