Happy Birthday, Darling Evely

January 28, 2006


Today, January 27th, is Evely’s first birthday! It was a little weird since we aren’t celebrating today – no party, no cake, no balloons. We are planning to celebrate next week when Mom and Dad get back from their trip.

Today in honor of making it through Evely’s first year, Julie and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate and have a fun lunch. I shared my Lasagne with Evely and she loved it! It was a lovely day to celebrate her special day. I felt a page turn in my head today. No more newborns, no more first year of all those “first’s”. I’m happy and a little sad all at once.

Here’s a picture of us on this memorable event. We look a lot different than we did one year ago today!

Us Girls!

Happy Birthday, my darling baby girl! You are so precious and so much fun!



6 responses to Happy Birthday, Darling Evely

  1. The pictures are so sweet.

    Thank you for inviting me out with you guys. I thouroghly enjoyed being with Evely on her day. It was a special treat for me–a day I’ll always remember.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Evely is one of the cutest little buttons I’ve seen. She always looks like she’s deep in thought about something…reminds me of Julian with the arms behind the back thing. How you end up with sophisticated kids from Tom’s loins is beyond me! 😉 I hope to see some cute pics on the day of the celebration.

  3. Awww…Happy B-Day Evely!! She is so precious, one of my favorite kids to watch! It was nice to sit next to you and talk this morning. Haven’t seen your daughter in a long time, excited to see her tomorrow (you as well :-) )

  4. Happy birthday, Evely dear! I have to agree with Carl; Evely always struck me as a deep thinker (or is that a little stinker?). :o)

    Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

  5. Thanks for the warm thoughts, everyone.

    Megan! Thanks for visiting and posting. I enjoyed being with you too!
    I’m sure Evely will be glad to finally see you too.

  6. Megan, Karen has mentioned you and how special of a girl you are. I was looking at your Flickr pictures. You are a very good photographer! Is that something you’re going to pursue?

    I recognize you! Several years ago, when you were a little girl, we went to CCC! You have grown up to be a terrific young woman!