Happy Birthday, Evely!

January 29, 2007

Saturday was the big day for Evely. She turned 2!! I can’t believe that she is already 2. You just turn around that little bundle you are bringing home from the hospital is turning into a kid. How does that happen so quickly!

We had a wonderful family birthday at our house. Both sides of the family came over for dinner and cake. Evely had a fun time opening her gifts. She studied each one and relished opening them. She is starting to get into this gift thing! She received lots of Dora the Explorer stuff and some adorable clothes.

Here are some of the birthday pics.


Evely immediately turned very shy when everyone started singing to her. She rubbed her eyes because she didn’t want everyone watching her. Finally she blew her candles out and was proud she did it!

MMMMM. . .cake!

Later in the evening as everyone was saying “good-bye” this little thing was caught up on the table sampling some more cake!



6 responses to Happy Birthday, Evely!

  1. She looks a little perturbed in the middle pic. Almost like we’re interrupting her cake eating.

  2. You did a great job with the Hello Kitty cake!

    Happy Birthday, Evely! You are such a little doll!!!

  3. Karen, remind me to have James set up a spam catcher for your blog Thursday. You get a lot. I am really looking forward to seeing you guys. I miss all of you very much. Thanks for the invite.

  4. Aww! Happy Birthday, Evely :birthday 2 year old little girls are such an…..”adventure” :D. You are going to have A LOT of fun over the next year (and then some). How is it that our “babies” turn into “big kids in the blink of an eye? Maya will be there before I know it :cry!

    P.S Great job on the cake 😉

  5. Yeah, I need the spam blocker really bad!!!! Thanks! I’m sure you have noticed some of the stuff I get. . . :eek

  6. Two already?!?!?! Wow, where does time go? She is such a cutie. Hope she had a wonderful birthday.