Happy Birthday, Julian and Mike!

March 29, 2006

Today is such a special day for me. For one, it is my brother Mike’s birthday and secondly because my firstborn son was born on this day.

Mike, I was just thinking how funny that for almost 10 years I have been teasing you that you are almost 40. This will be the very last year that I get to do that!! Next year you will be 40!!! I know, I know. . .it won’t be long and I will be there too. So, Mike, if you are reading this today. . .Have a wonderful Happy Day. I love you!

Mike on Christmas 2005


This morning I awoke with birthday thoughts on my mind and got up to prepare Julian his special birthday breakfast. He chose “birthday eggs”.


Tom brought up his gift from the garage and put it in plain view of the breakfast table. After shooing Jaden off of it over and over, Julian came and in and gleefully accepted his prize. He had picked out the bike at Walmart and was thrilled to get it.



Here is Julian 6 years ago when he was born and a picture of him today.


What six years of time can do. . .


He was such a gift from God after 9 years of no kids, we finally had a little bundle to raise. He has been a joy to us. It has been amazing how much he has grown up this last year. I think going to Kindergarten has turned him into a little man. He loves doing artwork and gracing all our walls with his pictures. He loves superheros, running and he has a very funny sense of humor. He adds so much to our home.

Happy Birthday, Julian!! We love you so very much!



11 responses to Happy Birthday, Julian and Mike!

  1. 43 years ago today, your mother was busy acting as my maid of honor. How times have changed as we have both had children and grandchildren to add to our family.

  2. Give Julian a high five from us and tell him that he is, by far, one of the coolest kids we know. Sam prayed for him and thanked God for her “boyfriend”–totally innocent boy/friend–but i still giggled to myself. Tom and Karen you guys are awesome examples of Godly parents!!

  3. He is a pretty cool kid. He has even started to talk to other parents and their kids, if they’re his age. He was once so shy, now he is very confident. And he looks so much like the little man!

  4. A cool bike for a cool kid! Happy Birthday Julian!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Mike!!!

  5. Carol – Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, that’s interesting that such wonderful things all happened on this day for each of us.

    Thanks everyone for your warm wishes!! We are having a good day.

  6. …as opposed to a Chernobyl melt down day…

  7. Happy belated birthday Julian and Mike! Love the bike, that is pretty sweet…as Napoleon Dynamite would say. 😉

  8. happy 6th birthday, Julian. What an awesome bike!

    Happy Birthday, Mike (you are older than me — he, he, it’s getting harder to find people older than me).

  9. Karen, I’m glad your mom is doing so well. Praise God.
    I remember my first bicycle, I was in the 2nd grade. That is something every child remembers. Because so much fun happens with a bike. Well, there are a few falls and scrapes. But we always remember our first bike. Hope you had a happy Birthday Julian.

    Thanks for visiting Kandi’s blog, she loves it. Jules and James helped her complete something she wanted when she found out she was finally getting her own computer at home.

  10. Hi Marlis! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting, too! I love Kandi’s site. Gives me another fun place to visit in between taking care of little people.

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