Have you heard of Pinterest?

January 24, 2012

I have had to add another spot for “Places I Find Myself”. I am continually hanging out on a website called Pinterest. It’s an amazing maze of creativity to lose yourself in for hours. It has anything and everything that you can think of: from crafts to style to great recipes to quotes and inspiration; photography, beauty and much more. It’s a pin board idea so that you can login and actually set up your “Pin board”/bulletin board of all the things you find interesting. For example, I was looking on there for party ideas for Evely’s 7th birthday. As I perused through different ideas, the ones I liked I re-pinned to my board that I named “birthday ideas”. You can do this with anything you run across. You do have to ask for an invitation to set up your own pin board. However, you can go on the site and look at anything you want to. It took about a week for me to receive my invitation and I’m glad I signed up for it.



4 responses to Have you heard of Pinterest?

  1. Yes — and I am amazed when something I Pinned is Repinned! I think I could surf in those water too much, so I try to stay away (that’s almost working!)

    There are so many things to see and do there. I would recommend a try if it’s new to you. (Lots more fun than Facebook.)

  2. Hi Grammy! Yes, I find it more fun than Facebook, too. Thanks for posting. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Yes…Pinterest it nice, but I can’t the surge of panic in my chest as I our over the pages. It’s the feeling of…Wow, I’m never gonna do any of this, and probably stems from my fear of crafts:) I have a new blog, still have Peterson People, but doing a little indivual blogging. Your husband helped me with the naming it actually. Tell him thanks again.

  4. This recipe sounds SO good. I just copied it to put it on my list for this month. That link is not working for pinterest. I’d never heard of it before, but I found it by googling it. It looks very neat! I’m glad you posted it and the recipe.