Hay Ride!!

October 31, 2005

On Saturday afternoon, James and Julie invited us for a hayride re-do. The week before we were rained out but this day proved to be absulutely beautiful!!

Spreading the hay on the wagon.

jessica julie
Jessica and Julie (sportin’ her freckles and pigtails).

kids toddlers
Our little punkins in the hay!

Larry pulled the tractor and wagon around. We spread out the hay and covered it with quilts and blankets and piled in. We drove for quite a while around the country roads surrounding Larry and Nita’s home. The weather was a perfect 70 and the leaves on the trees were showing off their colors as we meandered the dirt roads.


We relaxed in the hay and let the sun warm us as the kids threw hay and watched the road swiftly go by the side of the wagon. It was a perfectly relaxing moment in time!!

Evely enjoying her first taste of hay!
It’s an acquired taste.

Thanks James and Julie, Larry and Nita for a memorable fall day. A true highlight of our fall fun this year!!


I have to share this pic with you. It is my favorite!!!!!

Awwww. . . Isn’t she soo sweet!



3 responses to Hay Ride!!

  1. I’m enjoying your pics and Jules too! I wish I could have been at sis’s with you all. I love a hay ride, and of course in the fall time near halloween, my favorite holiday.
    Very nice pictures, the kids are darling.

  2. I am so glad you guys were able to make it. It was great fun having you there.

    That picture of Evely is so sweet. You should enlarge it and hang it on the wall in her room.

    I wish you could’ve come too Aunt Marlis. Maybe next year!

  3. Funny you should say that about the picture. . .

    I am going to do a post on the lack of pictures in the kids bedrooms. There is not one thing on their walls and Julian has taken to drawing pictures and taping them up. It’s pretty bad when a 5 year old boy feels the need to get something on the walls! :)

    That’s a great idea. I was going to blow it up anyway. It would look great on her blue walls! Thanks for the idea.