He Covers Me!

February 10, 2006

Lately I have been having the old Steve Camp song in my head, “He Covers Me”. It has been with a new appreciation for the word “Cover”, though. I had always considered that God “covers” me by protecting me, hiding me in His will, under the shadow of His wings, it’s where I try to continually abide in Him. . .does that make sense? However, lately I have seen how he covers FOR me. He covers my backside, watches out for my stupidity, lack of organization and scatter-brainedness! He keeps me from looking stupid.

The other day I was running late to take Julian to school and I was loading all the kids in the car and I heard in my head “snacks“. My guts immediately went cold and I thought “Oh crud, is today Julian’s turn to bring snacks!” I ran upstairs to check my calendar and sure enough it was his day! I was angered at my lack of organization and I knew that I didn’t have anything to send. I happened to open my very empty pantry on the way back to the car and realized that Tom had picked up a giant bag of pretzels a couple days before. He never buys pretzels. I had a snack to send! I know that sounds silly, but I kept thanking God for covering my butt on that one. He had prepared in advance for the snack and even somehow reminded me of the day!

Then yesterday I had a bigger one. . .
We are starting a new Beth Moore study at church and I volunteered to lead it. It was the first day and I needed to get to church to set up the room, move couches, figure out the sound system, get the coffee brewing and I was running late!! I had bags of stuff to take inside, kids and diaper bags, signs to hang on the doors, etc. So I just pulled up right in the circle drive to unload my stuff and kids. I left my van running and piled everything in, hung my sign on the door and started packing everything upstairs. Andrew was there to show me the sound system and I starting to feel like everything was going to be under control. We got the room ready, set up the tables, figured out the system, got the kids to the nursery and all was well. Until. . .I happened to go downstairs and walked by the front door. I glanced outside to see Tom getting into my still running van in front of the church. My first thought was “what is he doing here!” and then I realized that I had totally forgot about my van running out there in front with my purse still in it!!!!! I know I was busy, but I had totally forgot the van! I would not have remembered until the whole study was over two hours later!

I felt so stupid and extremely grateful all at once. God was once again covering my butt! (pardon that expression, but that’s how it felt). Later I asked Tom why he was at church. He said that work called and he wasn’t going to have a patient till 1:00 and so he just kept thinking “I should run up to church.” So he did. Our church is not just on the way to work, it’s way out of his way. I know it was a moment showing God’s sovereignty in my life. He does cover me! He does watch my backside. He cares about the smallest details in my life like snacks and that my van doesn’t get stolen from my lack of stupidity! He does care. He cares about you too!

He also covers my kids!! Here’s one way. . .

I walked into the living room this morning to see this sight!

Oh MY!



6 responses to He Covers Me!

  1. LOL! that is one hilarious picture! God truly does know what we need before we ask…and often before we ourselves know what we need and if we are walking with Him “little” things like this, which easily can turn into “big” things, are taken care of with ease.

  2. That’s my boy.

  3. That’s sooo true!

  4. When the girls were in kindergarten, I forgot snack day often. :(

    That picture gives me the giggles!!!

  5. It took a moment for it to register that he was on the table. I am in the library and bursted out laughing,I am still laughing. What wonderful moments we have as parents, ones to cherish. It was great to finally access your website, I do enjoy hearing what is going on with you guys. So sad that we live in the same town and so little time to get together. I was so happy to hear about your mother, I hope she had a good time on their trip. I keep scrolling back to look at that picture you will have to send that to me.

  6. Thanks for posting, Rhonda!!! I love hearing from people that are out there looking. Makes us seem closer somehow.

    You are right. . .we need to get together since we live so close. Time really flies by. I’ll send that picture to ya. It is hilarious.