He Is Risen!

April 15, 2009

Easter weekend was a flurry of fun and family. Bill and MK came over Friday night to help us install a new and much needed toilet. Mike also came down for the weekend. The rest of the family came over for dinner Sunday evening. It was a good weekend to celebrate our Savior and that he is ALIVE.

I really pondered the meaning of our celebrations throughout the weekend. It also becomes very personal to me each time I experience explaining the truths of Jesus to my children. To explain it again in such simple terms and to hear their questions, makes me appreciate a God who sent His son to die for me. I’m humbled that He came to save me from my sins. Most of all I am very thankful that He is risen and I don’t serve a God still in a grave- that would be so pointless.

Saturday was a gorgeous Spring day, one of the few we have experienced this year, and we had a giant Easter egg hunt for the kids. Mike helped me stuff egg after egg after egg…I think we were sick of it. Then we hid them all over our acre and let them have at it.

Jaden completely cracked me up during the hunt! Check out his bunny ears that he is giving himself.

He took off screaming and running. Here he is with his hands full of eggs and he abandoned his basket on the lawn behind him. See it?

This egg had broke open and when Jaden and Evely found it they yelled “It Hatched!”


Isn’t she big….

Jaden officially “won”. He had the most eggs with a basket overflowing.

Going through the loot.

On a side note, thanks for your continued prayers for Mom. She seems to be doing some better. She is tolerating this chemo better than the last. They have officially given her the first “round” which was 3 treatments. She said she seems to be feeling stronger each day. She is hopeful.



3 responses to He Is Risen!

  1. I’m so glad to hear your mom is doing better. :)

    I’m praying she continues to get better and better with every day. My prayers will continue for her. I’m glad she is responding to her treatment.

  2. Your kids are really growing up fast.

    Be sure to tell Judy happy birthday from us.

    Love you all.

  3. What cute pics. All of your kids are so cute. Evely is so adorable – it hurts!