Hey, Jaden . . .

August 23, 2006

“Hey, Jaden. . .see that big bubble up there?”


“Whenever anyone flushes it all goes up the pipes into that thing. Yup, there’s poop and toilet paper and little bits of potato chips up there.”

(Random thoughts from Julian’s 6 year old perspective!)



8 responses to Hey, Jaden . . .

  1. I love the wisdom of 6 year olds!

  2. That reminds me so much of the old…the really old…Peanuts cartoons. There was a fairly long series where Lucy was explaining things to her little brother Linus with Charlie Brown in the background shaking his head and groaning. Good stuff.

  3. I am sure his daddy did not ever give him any ideas like that?? :p

  4. Probably not. . .but he does have this Uncle. . .

  5. And who has been flushing potato chips down the toilet in your house???

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