HOLY COW! It’s a Thing of Beauty!

May 2, 2006

Holy Cow, I love this!

Check it out!! We have been so extremely blessed to have this gorgeous car seat show up on our doorstep! Literally. Tom came home late last night to find this huge box on our stoop with this truly awesome car seat inside.

It was a surprise from CARISSA!!!! (Thank you kind, loving, generous and encouraging girl!!) I cannnot believe that she did this for us. I feel so blessed. We had been looking for a carseat and just hadn’t decided on what to get Evely when this showed up. WOW! We would never have bought this nice of a seat. It has all the bells and whistles and even reclines. I have always looked at car seats for their practicality and functionality – never knew they could be soooo pretty too.

Evely truly looked like a princess sitting on her throne in it. I tried her out in it the first time and when I took her out she threw the biggest fit!

Here she is in the car!

This is what her little face looked like as we took her for a drive for the first time.

And of course the most valuable thing of all. . .THE BOX!

It has been altered to become a space ship.



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  1. WOW! That’s a BRITAX! I used to think I would save up to buy each of my kids a Britax….but that has yet to happen-LOL! I’m probably a huge nerd because I knew exactly what kind of carseat that was when I saw the first picture. Sad…but true.


  2. Did the people you were a nanny for have that brand or how did you know about them? I’ve never heard of them. You can’t buy them in a store I guess! The paperwork says it exceeds the USA standards and I can definitely see that it does.

  3. She definitely looks like a princess sitting there. I can’t thank you enough Carissa for the over-the-top carseat. I remember the day at work that we were looking at carseats on line and I saw this and thought who would ever spend that much on a carseat? Nobody in Lone Jack needs anything like that. Carissa was like “She would look so cute in that!” Well I never thought it would wind up on our doorstep. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! It is a very cool thing of beauty and very practical. And of course, pink.

  4. That is one cool seat. Just what every fashionable young girl needs! I’m happy for you guys and for Evely! She’s always such a darling in her pics.

    The space ship box reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs. We got plenty of hours of fun out of boxes when we were kids and am glad to see that the tradition is still alive and well.

  5. I bet Evely is tickled pink just like her carseat!

    What a giving heart Carissa must have. How sweet and lovely of her!

    Evely certainly deserves such a girlie princess chair when she rides around in her chariot.

  6. No, Tom and Kari didn’t have Britax seats. Funny, you would think that of all people they would be the the ones that turned me on to Britax seats. I actually learned about them from doing a bit of research after I had McKenna. I read about how awesome they were and how much safer they were then ANY of the US made carseats. I was sold on the idea of buying a “lifetime” seat for McKenna…but Jon was NOT! Not after I told him how much they cost-LOL! In my opinion they really are worth every penny. If I had enough “pennies” all three of my kids would be sitting in a Britax seat. The problem with buying three Britax seats right now would be that they would cost more than our mortgage :-o!

    Now you know another little secret of mine…I’m a carseat saftey nerd-LOL! Oh, how motherhood has changed me. A few years ago I could have told you what brand of jeans or high heels were “hot”….now I’m up on which carseats are “hot”. Someone must really “lub” little Evely, because that is an awesome gift that will last many years!

  7. Unless we have a wreck.

  8. Then your insurance will get you a new one 😉

  9. Are you still paranoid about being a bad driver? Just kidding 😉 Now you don’t have to worry about your driving (ignore the honks & take your half out of the middle all you want) because Evely will be safe (and you insurance will replace your pretty carseat)-LOL!

  10. Cool. Do we have to insure this seperately? Did you see how much these things are? I wonder if it will raise our monthly rates due to the pink “gold” that’s now in the back seat. Not to go on and on but I look back at Jaden’s and think “cheap”, but it has been our most convenient carseat. And until recently I knew all the best movies and when they were being released, in fact I wrote movie reviews in the department newsletter.

  11. Amber, Tom actually posted about the wreck under my name. So I have been missing out on the conversation. I didn’t realize that they would replace your carseat, that’s neat!

    Tom, what does movie reviews have to do with carseats? I’m not following. ..

  12. She is getting so big!!! And that car seat is to sweet. As if she didn’t feel like a princess before. :-)

  13. I know. . .you could see “princess” all over her face. Like she is sitting on her throne.

  14. Shthe sthsaid, “A year ago I could tell you what brand of jeans…” I just meant I could talk movies because that, at the time, seemed important.

  15. Insurance companies are required to replace your carseat after any wreck….yes, even Britax seats will be replaced with “no questions asked”. You are NEVER supposed to use a carseat after it has been in a wreck of any kind. It is common practice to have to turn in your “damaged” carseats to your insurance company for them to destroy after you have been in a wreck. My insurance company (or rather the insurance company of the man that hit us) even replaced my stroller when we got into a fender-bender a few years back. We were rear-ended and the stroller was in the trunk. I said I wanted the stroller replaced because my carseat was being replaced and I had a matching travel system at the time. The stroller did have some minor damage, so I wasn’t being too unreasonable IMO.

    Karen- I see Tom already explained what movies reviews have to do with carseats :-).

  16. Hmmmm, somehow my mind is on pause today. I sort of see the movie review thing now. Sorry, hon.

    This has been the weirdest day for me. Jaden swung on my curtains in the living room and pulled the rod brackets out of the wall, I practically burnt up a pan because I let my eggs boil dry, Jaden pooped in the bathtub, etc. etc.

  17. Cool seat for a cool kid!

  18. Sorry you are having a rough day, Karen. :-( I think I know how you feel. I tore the toilet paper holder out of the wall by bumping into it with my big butt(it left a big ol’ hole in the wall)….um, maybe that’s kinda the same feeling you experienced with the curtains. OK, maybe not :-0

    *Maya didn’t poop in the tub…but she did poop on the potty today (no, I’m not kidding)! Yep, we are starting her young. I think I like the “elimination communication” idea after all (now I’m kidding). If I had my own blog I could explain this situation so much better ;-).

  19. OK. I tried my best to start my own blog tonight. I still have a lot to learn, but at least I got something started.

    check it out…. http://3littlewhites.blogspot.com

    *Tricia got her’s going too. It looks really good!

  20. How did that happen?? I’m curious. Maybe I should start Evely – naaaaah.

  21. Amber, you’ve got to get your blog going. No doubt it would entertain us all!

  22. I love looking at the picture of Evely in her new beautiful carseat smiling away and then in the very corner you see this little blue carseat. I think that Jaden is going to have a complex…his brother leaves him for school and then his sister gets this rockin’ new chair. I guess middle children really do get the shaft:)J/K

  23. They really do get the shaft. I see that over and over. Jaden has had hardly any new clothes at all. He wears all the hand-me-down everythings while Julian and Evely continue to get new stuff – out of their need. Poor guy.

    Thank goodness for Grandparents that buy him new things on occasion!

    I’m sure you feel that way with Mathis at times, Michaela.

  24. yeah, and Amber, I agree you really need to get your blog going!!!!

  25. I DID get my blog going! My post that gives the address is in moderation right now :-)