How a Punkin’ Becomes a Jack-O-Lantern

October 25, 2007

Yesterday we went to Grandma’s house for a special surprise – Punkins! The kids were so excited about their own little pumpkins and wanted to come straight home and carve them. However, it was too late and I promised them when Julian came home from school today we would have a carving party.

We had a superb time! We found some templates online and printed them off and the fun began. .

We set about for a long afternoon of carving – or let’s say that I did.

The boys dug right in helping scoop out the goopy stuff. Evely had fun piling it all back inside the punkins.

I was very surprised at how well the boys did on the carving. Julian carved about 90% of his. Jaden really worked hard on his too. He did all the eyes and part of the rest.

I love Evely’s wrinkly nose. She makes this look a lot and I finally captured it on the camera!

Hard at work. The kids were such a help this year. In the past I usually ended up alone at the table carving and carving. This year they finished with me! I can tell that next year will be even more fun. I love parts of this “growing up” stuff!

All finished! Evely’s is a cat if you can’t tell. The boys picked out semi-scary faces.



13 responses to How a Punkin’ Becomes a Jack-O-Lantern

  1. I can’t believe how big my Evy is getting!

  2. We did pumpkins tonight and it was…interesting! Mathis refused to touch the goo, Samantha just randomly cut her pumpkin, Harry kept wiping all the goo on my shirt-smells yummy:(, and Abby was a human vacuum cleaner eating all the seeds off the floor. All in all a good night :p

  3. Great pumpkins, everyone. I love the scary ones, Julian and Jaden. And your cat looks great, Evely.

  4. Great punkin memory, Michaela!! Sounds like so many of ours. Hope you got some pictures of that.

  5. The kids want to do theirs tonight. Maybe James can help us. I have a hard time getting into Halloween activities. The girls did decide to dress up like cats. They are going to be a litter!

  6. I love the cute pics!

  7. Have fun! I hope you can recruit James. It’s more fun as a family.

  8. Very cool, Karen! I love all those pictures, they’re having such fun! Who’s the hottie in the first picture, the one with the blond hair and blue top? j/w

    Happy Halloween, Karen! I won’t see you Wednesday, so make it last until Sunday! xo

  9. Pumpkin carving was a success, and yes, James did help with some of the carving. With four kiddos, getting through pumpkin carving is equivalent to an olympic event!

  10. Karen-

    I can’t believe how big the kids are, your little girl is beautiful! Say hello to Tom for me. I finally got a family site together check it out if you get time. Take Care-

    Rolanda Peterson

  11. Cute! We carved pumpkins last night…or rather I carved pumpkins last night ;). I forgot to get one of those kid-friendly pumpkin carving kits, so all I had was really sharp knives (not such a good idea with little kids :eek). So…McKenna helped scoop the goo out of the pumpkins & do the designs. Then she “helped” me carve them with Jon’s sheetrock knife (hey, we are a resourceful family!). Chandler didn’t want to touch the goo, but he did run off with the batman pattern screaming “NOOOOOOOO….it’s MY Batman!!!”. It took us another hour to find where he hid the pattern :rotfl. Maya looked at us like we were crazy & she wanted nothing to do with it :baby Maybe next year….he he!

  12. Sounds really fun, Amber. I think that by the time that they can all really do the pumpkins by themselves, they probably won’t want to. It’s fun, though!

  13. Hey Rolanda! Thanks for visiting. I was on your site earlier. It’s so pretty. I am going to add your site to my links. Tom saw your post and your blog too.