How Embarrassing!!!!

December 19, 2007

Yesterday was very full with school Christmas programs for all the kids. Mother’s Day Out had their program for the little ones and then Julian’s was last night (after being rescheduled twice because of snow!). Tom took the day off so he could witness our little offspring up on stage singing and celebrating with their classes. He’s such a good Daddy! I think it meant a lot to the kids for him to be there.

So, last night we get to the gym and plopped our butts down on the cold hard bleachers that seem to turn to concrete as we sit on them. There was a lady and her friend sitting in front of us that Tom worked with several years ago. We all visited before the show and during it, laughing at the kids and the antics that go on.

As the 2nd and 3rd graders began to file into the gym for their “Penguin Christmas” musical, this lady and her friend were commenting on the kids and their costumes. Everyone was a reindeer, an elf or a “Hollywood” penguin.

I must stop here to give a little background…when we first started getting notices about the program, they told the parents how to dress the kids. They sent home a letter saying that for the penguin costumes the kids should have white sweats or clothes, then take a trash bag and cut down one seam, fit the corner of the bag over the kids heads and then tape the bags to the back of the arms. Ta-da, nice penguin outfit. Then they were to wear sunglasses.

I was a little chagrined as Julian and I were walking into the building and I saw other penguins waddle by in homemade, handsewn, professional looking outfits!! I was overjoyed when I saw other penguins wearing the trashbag gear.

Back to the story. . .Julian was the first “trashbag penguin” to enter the gym with his sunglasses on and I heard this lady and her friend begin to talk – “What in the world is that! Is that Batman? Oh, I think it’s a penguin! Is that a trashbag he’s wearing? Oh, my my! That is funny! Who would have thought to put a trashbag on a kid for their costume!” And on and on it went. . .

A minute later the lady leaned back into my lap and said, “Hey, when you see Julian, point him out.” So I gently leaned forward and quietly whispered in their ears “He’s the one in the trashbag.” I tried not to belly laugh. They both got really quiet and then they laughed at me and said “Oh you are too funny!” Then they both got really quiet and the one said “You are kidding, right!” I said with the straightest face I could muster “Nope, he really is the one in the trashbag.” I then sat back and enjoyed the embarrassment that they were rolling in. The comments changed to “Oh, he is the best penguin out there! He looks like a superhero penguin. I think he really does look the coolest of the kids. He really knows the program and is singing soooo well! You should be so proud of him.” On and on it went.

I have never enjoyed a program more. Maybe I’m really sadistic, but it was just SO STINKIN’ FUNNY!!! I want you to know that I don’t feel mad or angry at these women in the least bit! It was just such a hilarious moment – like one you would read about in reader’s digest or on a Mom’s blog. It’s a memory that I will love and cherish and hold dear because it makes me laugh!

Unfortunately, you can’t see Julian in this picture.



6 responses to How Embarrassing!!!!

  1. hahahahah! So funny!- They are so lucky that you have a good sense of humor or that could have been a terrible situation:) Merry Christmas to them. Did Julian have fun/like his costume? I had a HUGE “I miss Karen moment” the other day at our church Christmas party- remembering our kids all almost lightening the church fire- this year my kids were the lone pyros. We need to hang out after Christmas!!

  2. Yeah, I was just thinking about Candlelighting from the past years. I have the most adorable picture of Sam and Julian with their candles. I miss you too. I’ll call ya.


  3. Oh, dear that makes me think of all the times I have said things outloud and regretted it. It does make a funny story!!

    Merry Christmas.

  4. That is too funny! Remember the year I stuffed McKenna in a teeny tiny cow costume for the Church play? She could hardly get the thing over her head & she looked so unfomfortable. People kept saying things like “poor little thing” & “aww… she looks miserable”. Not my best parenting moment for sure :oops

    Hi Michaela!
    I miss you guys! I was just looking at last years Christmas pictures and I found the most adorable pictures of the girls…made me a little teary :cry…. We need to get together again soon.

  5. I hate it when I put my foot in my mouth!!!! :rotfl

    You have a wonderful sense of humor!!!!

  6. LOL, little super trash man penguin, I bet he was the best looking fella out there 😉