How much did you like Christmas?

December 28, 2006


The other day I bought a pair of jeans that were way too long for me, so I cut them off. Later I heard the boys chattering away in my room, so I stopped to listen. They were saying “Okay, Jaden, I’m Chef 1 and you’re Chef 2. We have so much work to be done, let’s get cookin’!”

“Okay, Julian, I’m Chef 2!”

Here’s what I found. . .

They had my pantlegs on their heads!


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season. We certainly did. It’s amazing how time flies. We anticipate Christmas for so long and then it comes and goes so quickly.

The kids had a ball and we had so much fun just watching them. We quickly got up when we heard the kids scampering into the family room to see all the gifts. They exclaimed in hushed little voices not wanting to break the magic in the room. Julian swore he heard Santa and the bells in the night. He got a full-size Superman that he wanted. He picked him up and twirled him around and whispered “I wanted you!”. All of it was so sweet, innocent and magical for them.

Thank you to all our family for the gifts, for spending time with us and for your love. It is truly a very valuable and precious thing in our lives. We love you all!


In case you are wondering about Julian’s tooth . . .

A couple days after my previous post, Julian came home from school and was excited to say that he could feel a tooth coming in. Sure enough, we can see a tooth under the skin where his right front tooth will be. It still hasn’t broke the skin, but you can see it under there. It amazed him and we are excited to see that puppy break through. Thanks for your prayers. They are being answered!



3 responses to How much did you like Christmas?

  1. I am glad you had good Christmas. I love you little chefs!

  2. Sounds like your family had a great Christmas too, Mary! Have a great New Year.

  3. Stinkin Hilarious! Happy New Year to you guys, glad to hear about Julian’s tooth!