I Heard Spring Arrived

March 24, 2008

Well, this last week was probably one of my busiest that I can remember since… probably Christmas! So much going on. So many festivities for Easter, Julian’s upcoming birthday, get togethers, church drama, etc. etc.

Oh and I got a new NOOK! Yup, it came from Aldi. It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for in our kitchen. I’ve had a big old table in a very small space and all the chairs and moving it around was driving me crazy. So this fit the bill. I saw it on the ad and then Tom came home that night talking about it too. So we bought it and put it together. It took a little time for it to grow on me, but I love it now. My mom helped me make some cushions for the seats last week too.

Isn’t it cute?
This was our first meal at the nook. It was St. Patrick’s Day and the potatoes on the corner were Colcannon.

Easter was a fun event. We dyed eggs on Sat. afternoon and then had all the family over on Easter for a scrumptious ham dinner and more egg hunting. We had a great time; everyone stayed later and played games.

Here’s some pics of the kids coloring eggs and of course eating them…





Where’s the Spring weather to go with this Spring? I’m in need of 70 degree days with lots of sunshine, kids that can go outside to play for more than five minutes, bike riding, going for walks, and grilling! I’m ready….bring it on.



6 responses to I Heard Spring Arrived

  1. First! :-)

    Hey good to hear everyone had a great Easter. I will keep your family and especially your mom in my prayers! Love the nook, I didn’t know Aldi sold furniture, awesome!

    Take Care-

  2. Yeah who would have thought about finding that at Aldi? We learned later that they sold out of them the first day. It took all day last Sunday to put the thing together (it didn’t look so hard in the ad), but those things come with a lot of parts.

  3. Well, my kids went back to wearing winter coats again today 😥 Maybe April will hold more promise for Spring.

    *Cute Easter pics!

  4. Hi Karen:
    Well we jumped right from winter into early summer. We had mid
    8O’s for Easter Day and it is supposed to that through the rest of this week into the weekend. I really wish I could send some of it your way. I think it is time for the Air Conditioner.
    Miss you all …….T

  5. Oh, T…I’m sooo jealous. Wish you could send it here too. I’m sure it will come soon enough. This has been the loooongest, coldest winter that I can remember having in a long time. So much for global warming :roll:

  6. LOVE the nook! LOVE IT!!! :)