I must have Candy!

May 2, 2006

When I first had one child, Julian, I had all these pleasant thoughts of having him come home to my homemade cookies and taking him for icecream and an occasional candy. You know, all those things that kids enjoy – however, that just didn’t happen. He’s my “good eater”! He chooses carrots over candy almost any day. I am now very thankful for that! I don’t worry that he’s getting enough vegetables or fruit.

Then my number 2 child came and what a complete difference! Jaden would LIVE on candy, cookies, cake and pop if I let him. Sometimes I have to bribe him with a sucker to eat something healthy. He has no shut off button and can keep devouring until he falls over asleep. It’s so funny to have such opposite extremes in my house.

This last weekend we had the privilege of travelling down to Branson for a couple of days. Although it rained the whole weekend, I am glad we got to be together and get away. One of the things we did was visit the old fashioned Candy Store in Old Branson.


I gave each child a bag and let them sort of “have at it”. It was no surprise when Jaden grabbed handfuls and stuffed his bag while Julian carefully chose a few things that only covered the bottom of the sack.


One thing that Julian got was a candy necklace. He picked three of them and I asked him about it when they rang up. He said one was for each of them – including Evely. They wore them the rest of the day and came home with multi-colored stripes on their necks.

The next day we went to church and made Jaden leave the necklace in the car. On the way home he promptly put the thing on. Pretty soon Tom looked back only to be greeted by this sight. . .

Like I said, he can keep devouring until he falls over asleep!



4 responses to I must have Candy!

  1. That’s hilarious!!!!!! What a great picture.

    Lydia likes to come home and have a sliced tomato as an after school snack. The others prefer more junk food. It’s nice to have one really healthy eater.

  2. Hilarious picture! I loved those candy necklaces as a kid but they aren’t made with the same kind of candy as they were when I was young. Now they seem to taste more like sweet tarts. As a kid they had a less soury taste. The stick in those Fun Pouch’s used to be that way too but they don’t taste the same. I miss some of the old candy!

  3. Carl, I think that’s neat that you have tasted those candies recently and not just when we were kids! I never tasted them and always just imagined they were the same. Hmmmm. Guess I’ll have to get my taste buds testing more often. I loved those fun sticks in the pouch!!

  4. Love the pictures. Sounds like you had fun on your trip.