I wanna Hide!

February 22, 2006

The other day I walked into my kitchen and heard a little Jaden voice saying “Night Night, Mama!” I couldn’t find him. Then I heard some rustling sounds coming from the pantry and this is what I saw.




It was really cute. Every so often I find him hiding in there. What is it about little kids and hiding? I was thinking the other day how I loved to hide in small cozy areas when I was little. There was something magical and safe about it.

Then last night I was having a really hard night with the kids. Tom had gone to the men’s study and I was left for the evening alone with three kids who all seemed to start bouncing off the walls. They fought, they teased, they screamed and then I screamed. I usually don’t scream at my kids at the top of my voice but I found myself doing just that. I finally thought “I need to go hide for awhile!” There was no pantry big enough for me, so I locked myself in the bathroom and had to pray outloud to get myself back in a normal frame of mind. (I ignored the incessant knocking and screaming on the other side of the door.)

God heard my feeble prayers from my watercloset hiding spot and somehow the kids settled down and we began a game of race down the hallway and everyone was having fun – including me. The kids were ready to go to bed and I even got “I love you, Mom” from the two that could talk.

Moral of the story: when you feel like you need to hide . . .do it!

Question for ya – Where was your favorite hiding place as a child?



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  1. Kelly Jackson is a very good photographer. And even though I may be lossing her some buisness with this. :-) If you are just wanting to get Evelys first year pictures done I would go with some else. Just cause no she is not cheap. But if you are ever wanting like a family picture or one of all three kids, I would check into her. Cause I know it seems like a lot of money..and it is. :-) But the time spent with her is really worth it. She is a believer and that has really helped us to bond (I don’t know if you know the connection with her but Josh Metsker is married to her sister Janiele, so Janie Metsker connected Kelly and I) and she will go anywhere you want to take the pictures. She usually will only do outside things so it’s really fun with kids because they are not in this stuffy room with lights all over the place. One time we had these two kids and we took them out into a field and they got to play in straw that was taller than them and they just had a blast. So if your just wanting Evely yeah I probably would go with someone else, just for money wise. But if you are ever wanting more of a family portrait I would for sure check her out.

  2. Thanks, Megan. I will keep that in mind. We really need a new family photo. We haven’t had one since it was just Julian. So, I will remember that!

  3. What a cute hide-and-seek player you have there, Karen. Thanks for sharing your hiding story.

  4. Boy, I can sure relate to your story. It’s hard around here in the evenings if one of us is going solo. It’s a test of one’s patience and endurance at the most tired part of the day. The bathroom is a sanctuary for me at times too. I’ll have to remember that next time I feel like I’m melting down. Remember it’s always better if you sneak a dessert in with you!

    I remember when playing hide and go seek, I liked to hide in the washing machine. I also hung out in the bathroom at home a lot with the door locked.

  5. Karen, I scream WAY too much when I’m flying solo (which is usually three nights a week). I hate that I do that. Maybe this post will help me be more mindful of how I want to change that. For what it’s worth, my kids have been WILD this week too! Jon is leaving at 4 a.m for Omaha, so I’ll be solo again for the rest of the week. Considering that I’ve yet to see more than 4 hours of sleep each night, you might pray that I can stick to that “no screaming” vow. The kids really are not being “bad” they just can’t fall asleep easily this week.

    My favorite place(s) to hide as a kid……………
    -the dumb waiter in our old farm house
    -the attic with my baby dolls
    -the root cellar ( in the summer)
    -the linen closet (it was really deep and I would crawl all the way to the back with a flashlight and some snacks)
    -the toy chest

  6. I am glad I am not the only one that loses it. When I was where you all are (sleep deprivation stage) I lost it one day and threw a jar of nail polish in my kitchen. On occasion, I still find pink spots. I lost it a lot back then. I still yell sometimes. I think talking about it helps.

    Amber, bedtime is the very most frustrating part of the day for James and I.

    Dr. Phil has said several times that they’ve done studies on stay-at-home moms. They said they work the equivalent of two full time jobs when they factor in things like time spent, energy needed etc.

    When I worked at Wal-Mart last winter, it was soooooo much easier to come home exhausted and have patience with the kids. When I’m with them 24/7 it’s much more difficult.

    It’s a very hard job. I guess you gotta do it to understand. I say this to make the point that no wonder it’s a struggle. It has stretched my character so much. It brings out the ugly side of me at times. It would do that to anyone. Hang in there. God is using this to shape you into very strong, determined, loving women.

  7. We had a cubby hole underneath the stair where my parents stored stuff and I loved to climb back in there and hang out when I was younger.

  8. I remember one year we had all these trees or something that fell down and all the brush was piled up against the house. We somehow found this hole in there and made a “den” in there. It was damp and cold but we would crawl in there and it was just waaay cool!

  9. Yes, my brother and I hide under my grandparents big front porch…seems kind of creepy and dirty now, but we had fun.

  10. That makes me think of the Dibben girls going under the crawl space! Remember that. I was over there and you could hear them rummaging under the house. They were having the time of their lives!

  11. Punkie and I liked to go to the root cellar and eat cracklings from the big ole crocks mama had them stored in. We could hide and keep cool.

  12. What are cracklings?

  13. Those gummies have made my day!! Your the best!!

  14. Yes, what are cracklings??

    Good, Megan! I knew you needed them. Ha!

  15. When they butchered in my time all the fat and skin were cooked down on a hog and that is where lard came from. We did’nt have shortening in them days. All the waste after the lard was rendered out was saved for seasoning or snacks which Punky and I loved. Mama had ours put in large 10 gal crocks and we kept them in the Root cellar where it was cool. The lard was stored the same way in the cellar.

    Today they are called PORK RINDS and are not near as good as the ole CRACKLINGS. They were fried by the time the lard was ready to strain off. Lard was a nice near white in color. If you want to really know how to get the flavor of grandma’s baking goods, use lard. That is the secret to good cakes, pies, cookies, bread, or fried chicken etc etc.

  16. That’s really interesting Marlis! Can you go buy a can of lard at the store nowadays?

  17. Can I join Jaden in the cabinet today? Man, is it ever a Monday!!!

  18. Sure, as long as you stay in there. . .it’s a Monday here too!!! :)

  19. Yes, you can still buy lard. It is usually in a paper container. I think it is in the butter section. I know it is refrigerated. Maybe around the meats at some stores. Just ask, someone will know.