I’m being questioned to death. . .wanna know why?

September 17, 2007

This is darling Jaden. . .my questioneer!

Over the past few weeks I have seen such a change in Jaden. He turned from the little boy that scowled and growled to this fun-loving, smiley kid that is FULL of questions!! I’m happy to see his change and his maturity. . .but the questions. . .oh my!

I have heard of those kids that spend their days asking their poor brain-tired Mommies those endless questions of “why”. However, this is my first real encounter with this on a scale of this magnitude. I am amazed by the wheels turning and spinning inside his little brain and the things he can come up with. So I thought I would share with you some of the really interesting ones.

“Mom, does a rocket ship go far far far up in the air? Then how does it know where to come back down in the right spot? . . .It must turn into some sort of airplane up there so it knows where to come down.”

“Mom, does snow have any sort of metal in it?”

“Mom, when I drink my water does it go past my bones?”

“Mom, what is inside a cat’s ear?”

“Mom, you remember when I was a big boy and wore those clothes and stuff. . ..did I get married?” (He was the ringbearer in Christi’s wedding and when I told him “no” you should have seen the instant relief on his face!)

“What’s inside the clouds and how did it get there?”

“What’s inside my fingers. . . my head. . . my tummy?”

Today he has begun bringing things to me and asking if they will float.

Oh, do you like our new tire swing? We found it at a garage sale this weekend and bought it. Tom hung it up for the kids last night and they love it.



15 responses to I’m being questioned to death. . .wanna know why?

  1. Karen, yes I love the swing! Great find indeed. So I’m guessing you will arrive Wednesday night very refreshed and FULL of smart answers now, right? (hehe)

    He’s a very special little guy and very clever to know about the spaceships turning into planes upon arrival. I don’t know many little ones who would think that way. Alright, Science class awaits, I’m off to learn more things as I go (seriously I am amazed what I have forgotten!) xoxo

  2. Yeah $5.00 well spent! Love those garage sale treasures. He hasn’t asked me many questions yet, but he did ask one to Karen that she couldn’t answer. She told him to ask me to which he replied, “So is daddy smarter than you? Priceless.

  3. After I posted this he came and asked me “Mom, do spiders poop?”

    :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes :rotfl :rotfl

    Stacey, I see that you are a homeschool Mom – you go girl! I haven’t felt the calling to do that at this point. Maybe someday God will lead me to do that, but my hat is off to anyone who does.

    So since you are studying science . . .do you know if Spiders poop?

  4. Sounds like you might have a scientist on your hands. Deep thinker. Encourage it…let it develope. You might have an Ensteine (sp??) on your hands.

  5. LOL, Karen, sorry I haven’t gotten QUITE so far into the ‘poop’ section yet. I’ll def let you know when I do! You’re too funny.

    Tom–not gonna lie, the only way to answer that question is this: hard to say but darn sure momma’s prettier than daddy! 😀 See ya’ll Wednesday night, can’t wait! Coming for dinner right?

  6. CINDY!!!! Where have you been?? I have been thinking about you lately. How are you doing???

    Stacey, what are they having this week do you know? That would be easier to just show up for dinner. Tom doesn’t always get home in time to come for that but maybe me and the kiddos could come.

  7. No clue, sorry. I believe I get a newsletter with the info–so if you don’t get that yet I’ll be sure and tell you when I find out. It’s a $2 donation (sometimes I forget it, they still feed me==and I’m not sure about kids, they may be free) and it’s pretty simple. Spaghetti, Pizza, Fish Stix, always a salad. So cheap food, good company, can’t beat that!

  8. Okay, Thanks! We’ll see if we can work it in.

  9. You should let Jaden stay up late one night to watch Letterman’s “Will it float?” segment :rotfl It’s hilarious!

  10. Hey Karen,
    I’m here, always checking your post. How are things going with you? Love to hear your stories about the kids. One day you’ll say, “oh my, where has time gone – there grown, in college, married, grandkids”.
    Enjoy them while they are little. :indeed

  11. Cindy, are you saying your kids are “grown, college, married and grandkids??!!” Are you a grandma???

    Amber, I am not sure that would be a good idea. . .my house would turn into an experiment and not just questions!! 😐 😐

  12. What an adorable picture, and WOW what a smarty! you have there! I do remember all the Great questions my boys would ask! That time has come and gone. :( Oh Brandon is still asking, but they are far and few between. They Grow up so Fast!

    As for Wednesday Dinner, they are having Fish Fillets, Mac and Cheese and Fruit!
    Hmm not sure if we will do dinner there, but we will be there for Classes!

    Take Care!!


  13. AWWW!!! I was just getting ready to tell you that. Okay, I’ll tell you anyway…it’s fish filets, mac n chees and fruit.

  14. Well, I doubt we will be there for dinner but we will be there for class too.

  15. Hi Karen! Hope your weekend is great so far. I wanted to get in touch with you ASAP before tomorrow to let you know John and I will unfortunately NOT be able to do lunch after church. I am soo sorry–John’s family is quite large and we frequently have family engagements to get to on Sunday afternoons. We may just have to do a get together on a Friday or Saturday night if it doesn’t slow up a little for us.

    And again–I’m soo glad you’re part of our church. What a fun couple you are! xoxo