I’m Caught and I’m Thankful

November 20, 2007

Every year there seems to be certain passages from the Bible that become sort of a “theme” for my year. When I really take the time to listen the Lord speaks so clearly and it seems that I will come back to these words of comfort and renewal again and again. This year there has been one particular passage that I continually reread and every time it makes me thankful. It brings a joy and peace knowing that HE loves me so.

During this Thanksgiving time I thought I would share it. These words raise thankfulness in my heart. I’m so grateful to be loved this way by the God of the universe. He loves you this way too…enough to catch you.

Psalm 18 (the Message)




6 responses to I’m Caught and I’m Thankful

  1. mmm, that gives me the chills. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I especially love the last line, very cool! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. That’s my favorite line too, Carl!

  4. Karen this Psalm will go up there amongst my favorites from this day forth! Thanks my friend and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Dearest Karen,
    The scripture verse put into that translation is beautiful! I remember our days of working with you and Tom before you had children. You have always made Richard and me feel special in the Lord. I like how you are focused in our Lord through these years and I love the fact that you and Tom are close friends to our son James and his wife Julie.

  6. Thanks, Mom D!!! You are Richard will always carry a special place in our hearts too!! :flowers :flowers