I’m goin’ Worm Huntin’

April 26, 2009

Recently we have had our fair share of rain. I know it’s Spring, but I’m ready for sun-shiny days and warm breezes. The other day Tom headed out to town for something but quickly came back home and came inside. I asked what was wrong and he said “Kids! Let’s go get the worms…they are out on the roads!” So everyone donned some rain gear and off they went.

Tom’s filling up Julian’s new worm box with water. He received this for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa. He’s ready to do some fishing and they got him this nifty worm bedding and box which is now nestled in our downstairs fridge full of worms.

Coming back from a successful worm wranglin’.


A couple days after this experience I was doing Evely’s hair and she was looking out the window and she gave this giant sigh. I asked her what big thoughts were going through her little mind and she said “Mom….it’s raining…” I said “I know, Ev, what do you think about that?” After a really long pause she said “Woooorms!”

I had to chuckle at that one! I was thinking how bored I was of the rain and she was dreaming about worm hunting. I imagine my kids will look back on rainy days and remember Tom getting them out in the soggy weather to pick up creepy crawlies.



One response to I’m goin’ Worm Huntin’

  1. Evely looks so cute in that big jacket! The kids will have fun memories of worm hunting! I often wonder what my kids will remember. What will they look back on with fondness?

    I need to get Anjelia one of those boxes. She’d love that!