I’m Singing with Louie

July 11, 2008

I see skies of blue….

Clouds of white…..


Bright blessed days….


Dark sacred nights….


and I think to myself….


What a Wonderful World. ~Louie Armstrong


All these beautiful sights I was privileged to see in only one day of my life. I love Summer.



2 responses to I’m Singing with Louie

  1. Karen, your beautiful post made my eyes tear up! We truly do have a beautiful world. I’m always telling the kids things like, “Look at the beautiful sky and clouds. Look what God made!!!” Summer is the best of times to appreciate creation. Plus, I am LOVING going to the pool every afternoon!!! Life is good. I’m ever so thankful to spend the summer with my kiddos!!!!

  2. I agree! This Summer I am totally enjoying my kids. They are really precious and fun. I love watching them discover bugs and frogs and fish; being able to discuss things with them and seeing their view of the world. It’s so fresh.