In memory of my birthday. . .

October 17, 2007

Here is a really funny thing that happened recently. It reminds me of my birthday, which will be tomorrow – the 18th! It will be a ho-hum drum sort of day. I will enjoy my time with the kids and since Tom has school tomorrow night I think I will go get me a good movie to watch and hole up with some popcorn after the kiddies go night night. So if anyone out there has a good movie that would be good for a Mom doing “single” on her special day – let me know!!

(My parents and I had a ball celebrating Tuesday night and Tom is taking me out on Friday. So technically this is a birthday week!.

So here is my story:

About 3 years ago I happened in a Goodwill store and found this awesome set of Wexford glasses, wine glasses, tumblers and more all in a big box. It wasn’t marked and I asked the guy how much it was. He was perplexed for a moment and said “How ’bout five bucks?” SOLD!!!

Since my wonderful find and my enjoyment of my Wexford Ware, I have begun to add many pieces to my collection. Candy dishes and small dishes, creamer and sugar, etc. Then one day a couple years ago my Mom and I went to a garage sale where we found this beautiful Wexford pedestal bowl. I hot-footed it over the table to get a close look only to discover that the lovely pink tag on the bowl said $15. NO WAY! (You have to understand my extreme cheapness to understand my passing up this little gem. You see I squeek when I walk and I’m proud of it. Part of the enjoyment of an item is to know that I got it really cheap. I feel this is God giving me special gifts along the way. He can take care of even my wants without having to pay a lot for them.)

So my Mom and I have kept our keen eye out for one of these treasured little beauty bowls since the day we spied that one. I would run across them from time to time at an antique store but the price tag was always too high.

Then about a month or so ago Mom and I made a stop in the Goodwill store. There sitting on a lowly shelf was THE bowl. Someone had tried to paint it gold but upon careful inspection and a few scratches of the fingernail, I could see that with a brush and some elbow grease that it could be cleaned up. So I turned the bowl over to see the price and there wasn’t one. Upon taking it to the lady at the counter she said it had to go back to the back to be repriced and re-shelved. It would be able to be sold tomorrow. crud. But I left the store with patience in hand. I’d waited a couple years, I can keep waiting.

The next day I went back in to check on the bowl. . .and there it sat just waiting for my purchase. I picked it up and turned it over and lo and behold, there was NO price again! So I took it to the counter and explained the situation hoping they would have mercy and price the thang so I could buy it. No such luck. Must be sent back to the back, repriced and reshelved. double crud.

Two days later I went back and the bowl was gone . . .forever.

So last week I stopped at this garage sale (you see the pattern with me here) and nestled among a bunch of dirty vases was the bowl!!! It smiled when I walked toward it and winked a shiny glimmer at me. The lovely price tag adorning the rim screamed $2.00 and I almost laughed and cried as I carefully lifted my prize and paid for it. I couldn’t wait to show Mom!

I met up with my Mom later that afternoon and as I lifted my prize from the van and held it up for her ecstatic cry of elation – well, there wasn’t one. A look of shock went across her face which she quickly replaced with a wan little smile. I was a little surprised at her lack of enthusiasm (no tears, jumping up and down or hand-clapping) but I went on showing her the other winnings from my morning of treasure hunting.

A little while later she says to me “Okay, you want to know what I really think about your bowl!!?” She then goes on to explain that she was the one who purchased that bowl from the Goodwill store, that her and my dad had spent a lot of time scrubbing all that gold off of the bowl until it smiled and shined just so. That it was now sitting on a shelf in her closet waiting for my birthday. She had been so happy to have something that she knew I wanted and she knew how surprised I would be at the gift.

Too funny! We both had quite the laugh that day! We were both surprised but not in the least way that we thought we would be.

My Mom said that by the time they had the bowl cleaned up, she was pretty attached to it. She had told my Dad it was so pretty that she would have to look for her one. So now we BOTH have a bowl and a good memory to boot. Isn’t God good. I think he was laughing up there and saying “this one is gonna be good!”

I know you are dying to see my bowl, so here it is:



Yes, it is already in full use. It has an orange salad in it and I was too tired to clean it up to take it’s picture. Besides, I think it looks good being used too.



14 responses to In memory of my birthday. . .

  1. You make me smile!! Happy early birthday and I love you Karen Shoemaker!!

  2. awwww. . .thanks Mic!

  3. Oh Karen!! :birthday :birthday :birthday :birthday

    Hope you have a wonderful one–and if I weren’t your church family, I’d say Bridget Jones is the movie. But it’s kinda racy so you didn’t hear it from me!

    LOVE that story karen. I was just at ‘The Army’ the other day and picked up an overhead projector just like from school–$10!!

    I don’t know if I’ll use it or resell it–idk. I love thrifting and I’ll go anytime anywhere with you. Do you to John Knox? I get some fine things for the home, including a beautiful amber glass lamp there.

    Missed you last night–we didn’t learn much. We just chatted. It was nice to have Cat girl there but we missed you. You need a nickname–Cat, Rainbow, Gidget, now you…what do you think you’d be? I need to spend a few days thinking on it. Cat–what do you think?

    Happy birthday my friend–I did mine single this year too. And it was sad. But had I watched Bridget Jones, I think it’d been better! xoxo

  4. Thanks, Gidget! I appreciate the warm wishes a bunch. I missed you guys last night too.

    I don’t have a clue for my nickname. . .hmmmm.

    No, I stopped at John Knox the other day and they were closed. I’ll have to try that one.

  5. :birthday
    I was just coming here to see if you had done your birthday post! Happy Birthday!! Wish I could come watch a movie with you tonight, but Jonathan has to go over to Bryan and Cindy’s tonight. You have seen WAY more movies than me…so I don’t think I have any suggestions for you. I’m still 5 years behind on my movie watching …but I’ll get there one day 😉

  6. Well, I settled for the new Transformers movie that just came out. Not sure why I picked that – I should have been more selfish and seen something only I would want to see. I wanted to preview it before letting Julian see any of it.

  7. John Knox closes on Tues I think…it’s an odd day I know that, think Tues.

    You’re such a good friend; and perfect as you are. Let’s thrift together right soon–we should call you something like Kiki..something cute like you. Kiki is cute, we’ll ask Cat.

  8. Happy Birthday (a little belated)!!!!! What a great story! I think you will treasure the bowl much more now that you have such an interesting story to go along with it.

    By the way, what movie did you end of watching?

  9. Oops – never mind. I just read your previous comment that you watched Transformers.

  10. Transformers was a pretty good watch. It was fun. I was also watching it from the eye of a 7 year old to see if Julian could watch it – uh, that would be a big NO.

    too much @#$% and violent scenes.

  11. I love your bowl and I hope you use it for the purple salad. We can just refill. I would love to have it grace my table. I love getting gifts from the Lord. Great story!!!

    Oh and Happy Birthday again!! You’re the very best!!!

  12. Happy Birthday and congrats on your great find! Finding something after searching for so long is double the fun!

  13. Karen, missed ya last night-sorry. Cody had conference last night–and I forgot until Tuesday! See you on Sunday–xoxo