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August 22, 2006

book1You will rarely find me giving a book review on Casting Crumbs because I find reading one of those scarce pleasures that I seldom have time to do these days. However, while en route to Vegas I found myself with some heavy-duty time wasting on my hands and so I indulged in a book. I have found Don’t Make Me Count to Three to be a valuable book that is changing the course of my relationship, discipline and training of my three lovely little offspring and so I thought I would share it with you.

I first learned of Don’t Make Me Count to Three through my friend Merri. She recommended it on her website and when I saw that it was a sequel to Ted Tripp’s Shepherding Your Child’s Heart, I knew it was a read for me.

Tripp’s book basically sets the stage of understanding that the best form of discipline is to understand the heart of your child and to discipline according to what is going on in their heart and not just according to their behavior. It truly takes some change in thought to look at discipline in this manner and it is one thing that I have tried to do since reading his book. By the way, I would highly recommend his book also.

Don’t Make Me Count to Three takes Tripp’s book a step further to outline a hands-on way to do this. The author, Ginger Plowman, shares some great ways to understand the inner-workings of your child’s heart and then teaching your child to understand their own heart and change their behavior. The book is a quick-read; I think she understands a busy Mommy’s life and accounts for that by keeping her book brief in length.

I took Ginger’s advice and for the last few week’s have worked on training some areas with the kids where I had been lacking before. I found that many times I discipline the kids but don’t take it further to explain and teach them the proper behavior they should have had. This does take some additional time and effort on my part but has been really successful and I am pleased with what I have seen so far.

I give Don’t Make Me Count to Three a two-thumbs up. Give it a read, I think you will find it very helpful.



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  1. Woo hoo, a book review. First off, love the cover. Very Norman Rockwellish. Glad you enjoyed it and it sounds like an interesting book that I am thankful I have no desire to read (cuz that would mean I had little ones running around). I could of course read it in order to learn how to be a better example around your kids and the D kids but I’d rather be like that crazy uncle who gets em’ all hopped up on sugar, winds them up, and then sends them home to mom and pop! :p

  2. I’m still trying to figure the best way to whoop their butts, you know proper angle, positioning, how many, etc. Now I have to learn about their hearts too? man.

  3. I find it humorous that two MEN commented on this “mommy-ish” book first! :drool :drool

    Carl, you can be very glad that you are past this stage and have done so well with your lovely daughter, Tori!!! And, yes, I would agree that your job is to be the crazy uncle. They need that too. And since we all know that you are crazy. . .you fit the profile exactly! :)

    Tom, you should read page 53. It describes butt positioning for you even with pictures. You would find it helpful. :fish

  4. Hey there Karen,
    Thanks for sharing . . . I am going to pick this book up the next time I get to a bookstore! I love “Sheperding a Child’s Heart” . . . actually I probably need a refresher read to that book as well, it’s been a while.
    I tell you, there is always something new to work on! Hope you all are doing great! :p

  5. So glad you enjoyed the book. It has been a big hit in our church. I need to read it over again, ‘cuz I think I missed page 53! Not to get too serious in all of this, but you know what is amazing? How much there is in Proverbs (and really all of scripture) directly relating to training your children. You just don’t see it until you read with that in mind…

  6. Hi Faith!! Thanks for posting. It’s nice to hear from you. I check in on your site every so often and it’s good to see your kids and how they are growing up.

    Merri, you are right, I was surprised at it. I also had never really noticed the discipline and correction OR discipline and instruction. I never thought of them as two different things. I’m so glad you recommended the book! Thank you. I can’t seem to get on your site anymore. . .are you doing something different?

  7. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a really great book. We all need the reminder about instructing our children and looking at their heart attitude/motivation.

  8. I am not sure what happened with our site. I couldn’t get on either. So sorry. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

  9. That’s all right, Merri. I was just missing checking in on you guys. I can get on it now.