It’s all Good!

April 5, 2006

Hi Everyone! The last few days have been absolutely nuts and I haven’t been able to get to the computer so this post is the highlights of the last few crazy but fun days of my life.


First of all, I must say that I am sorry that I didn’t get to wish my honey Happy Birthday yesterday!! Yesterday was his big 36 year old day!!! :) I love Tom with all my heart. I am so thankful that he is my husband, my friend and my comic relief. He always keeps me guessing, laughing and in wonder at our awesome marriage. The hard times in our life have drawn us closer and closer and I am so thankful for that. I give thanks to God for bringing Tom into my life, for giving us a wonderful friendship and for allowing us each year together.

So Happy Belated Birthday, Tom!!!!!

Here is one of my favorite pics of Tom, you have seen it before, but I love it. . .



Also, speaking of the Evely girl. . .she has started taking her first steps! It has been so cute watching this miniature fourteen month old walking around the house. She is getting better each day. She enjoys being upright!

Here’s a few highlights from last Wednesday evening. We had Julian’s birthday party at a local pizza place. Nothing too fancy but we had a fun time celebrating!




The next day we got Julian out of school a little early, dropped Evely off at Mom and Dad’s and headed off to the Great Wolf Lodge with the boys. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so I don’t have a lot of great pics to show you. We had a blast!! We will definitely do that again. We all got to play to hearts content. For those who don’t know what this is, it is a giant indoor waterpark and hotel. You have to stay the night to use the waterpark. They have everything from a giant baby area with slides and fountains, a fort you can climb, giant waterslides, a lazy river and more.

I’m ready to hit the water!

One highlight is the giant bucket at the top of the fort that dumps water every 5 minutes. This bell starts dinging and everyone starts running under the bucket and waiting for it to dump the 700 gallons of water on their heads. It’s powerful. I finally got underneath it and had a major wardrobe malfunction!!! I saw little kids getting splatted on the floor from it, but it actually is very fun!



When we got home from the lodge we were pleasantly surprised to have Uncle Mike down for a visit and to celebrate his birthday! We went to Kyoto Steakhouse to celebrate all the birthdays. This is Julian’s very favorite place to eat.



Onion volcano!

mmmm. . .teriyaki chicken!


And Finally, the BEST NEWS of all!!!!

Mom went to the Dr yesterday for her checkup and results of her catscan. The doctor was amazed at how she was doing. The catscan was normal. He told her that when he had first seen her, he could only have hoped that she would be where she is today. He said that he didn’t expect this. He is amazed at her recovery.

But we are not!! We know whom we have believed! We are persuaded that He is ABLE. . . To keep that which we have committed unto Him against that day!!

Mom and Dad at Julian’s bday party



19 responses to It’s all Good!

  1. That was the absolutely best time at the G.W. Lodge! I told Karen next time we leave the kids and go ourselves! I think the next time we get to go, we should get ALL the kids Dibbens, Whites, Andersons, Collins, and anybody else and just go. I loved the water bucket, especially Karen’s wardrobe malfunction (heh-heh). A little Janet Jackson action. Julian kept running right when the bucket would drop but one time I ran and grabbed him and held him under. It was great. The rooms are real clean and practical. Can’t wait to go again!

  2. That Japanese cookin’ is gooood. And I don’t feel 36. It’s amazing how rich I thought I would be when I hit 36. I guess I’ll have to wait until I’m 46.

  3. Yipppeeee. So glad to hear the awesome results. Judy, you are beautiful. God’s glory is all over you!!!

    Happy Birthday, Tom. I gave your birthday a nod on my blog. Looking forward to seeing y’all Saturday at our cook out!

    That Japanese steakhouse. . . . Yum! I must try this place!

    What did you set your camera on when you took the pic of the waterpark. All mine were dark. That’s a beautiful pic!

    Love you guys!!!

  4. Hee Hee, I stole the picture off their website!!! :) That’s not my photo. My battery was dead.

  5. I am so pumped to hear about your mom–I actually got teary eyed. Our God is the God of miracles!!! Praise Him!!!

  6. I get to see you tomorrow!!! YAY!!

  7. Happy b-day, Thomas.

  8. What a wonderful time! Karen just dropping in to say hi to you and a note to your Mom. Judith, guess who I thought of when I dusted off my old bicyle and aired up the tires the other day?

    Love ya,

  9. Great post! Ha-wardrobe malfunction-that was funny! I’ve had a few of those in my day….but that’s kinda the story of my life (embarrassing things happening…not necessarily the wardrobe malfunction).

    Glad Julian and Tom had fun birthdays! Oh, and “Happy 36th Birthday Tom”. Wow, you’re really old now aren’t you? Did you know that you are 10 years older than me? Not that I’m rubbing it in or anything…just pointing it out that’s all :-0! Sorry….sometimes a little bit of Jonathan rubs off an me and I can’t help myself-LOL!

  10. That waterpark does look like fun. Your mom looks so good. Happy belated Birthday Tom.

  11. Happy Birthday Big Tom!!! Looking forward to giving you my Marilyn Monroe to John Kennedy “happy birthday!” rendition this weekend. 😉

    Evely is such a cutie, Tom looks a bit sinister in that picture though…like they are planning some mischief together!

    Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

  12. I wish I could quit you, Carl.

  13. Wish in one hand, ….oh never mind! Great news concerning your mom also! :)

  14. Thanks, everyone!

    Hey Amber. . .glad your back in the computer world. Must have got yours fixed! We missed you and Julie today at group. It was really good. It was just me, Mom, Pat and Angie. So we mainly watched the video but it was so good – as usual!

  15. It’s good to be back :-)

    I would have rather been at group today. I don’t know how my mom does what she does….I HATE cleaning other people’s houses. All that hard work & then you have to go home to face your own mess! UGH!

  16. Happy Birthday Tom:
    Karen those are great Pics.
    I have to get to the Great Wolf Lodge, looks like lots of fun….
    Take care and God Bless.

  17. So your husband was pretty awesome this morning! Thanks a bunch Tom!! Our yard looks awesome, the neighboors are already jealous. :-)

  18. Thanks, Megan!! I’ll let him know. He’s a keeper.

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