It is Finished!!

December 18, 2005

After many hours of painting and cleaning, our countertops were installed, lighting done, trim work up, kitchen tiled and our carpet was ready to be laid! Yeah! You wonder when you are in the middle of a big overhaul like this one if you will ever get to that point. It finally came.


The night before the carpet came, we spent some time as a family writing on the floor some verses and thoughts that are meaningful to us. It was a neat time; Julian wrote on the floor with us and Jaden spent time writing on himself with the permanent marker (oh joy!). :)

write2 write3

The next day the carpet men showed up on our doorstep and began the final step of our room addition. There is something magic about playing on freshly laid carpet. The boys ran around and around in circles till they pooped out on the floor.



Here are some pictures you might like to see.

room 1

A special thanks to James and his company, Integrity Countertops, for his tops and all the extras he did for us.

I had to put this picture of Julie in! They came over to help us finish up some detail work on the cabinets and she posed for me. (Yes, I did get permission to post this from her! )

Check out my lovely countertops!!


Check out the new space saver microwave!

I feel so very blessed this Christmas with all my new space and lovely things. God is so good to us. All things come from His hand and I praise him even for all these material things that will make our lives so much easier.



11 responses to It is Finished!!

  1. Of all the pics that one of Julie is the best. It symbolizes my ravenous zeal for the completion of a task. Hers was the annhilation of a slice of pizza and mine is to not insulate again. or paint. or trim paint. or move furniture. or shop at Home Depot. or fret over installation services. I’m glad to be able to come home and relax in front of the t.v.. We were both saying how much more television we will watch. Karen said out of the blue we’re signing up for netflix. This is the best thing we have ever done to our house and ourselves. Expensive, but now we feel we can stay here for a long time and be comfortable.

  2. Your place looks beautiful! Congrats on having it finished!

  3. What can I say….. I get excited about pizza, friendship and expansion!!!

    It looks so great. It is so comfortable and cozy feeling. I am so happy for you guys!!!

    James and I love to veg nearly every night together to something from Netflix. We snuggle and relax at the end of each busy day.

    You will LOVE Netflix!

  4. Pizza, snuggling, and Netflix sound like a good combination. :)

    Great addition, you guys. Very nice and cozy.

  5. Congrats again! I love how cozy & kid-friendly your new space is. I’m so happy for you guys :-). James did a beautiful job on the countertops too! I only wish I could hire him to come to my house now-LOL!

  6. Yes, I am looking forward to Netflix. Now I just need to get the time to sign up and start receiving.

    Everyone will soon be invited over for some fun! May have to be after the holidays. . .but soon!

  7. I am so excited for you guys! The family room/den looks so light, airy, and relaxing!

    Karen, I can really relate to the excitement over the new kitchen. You have seen what a great job James (with some assistance from Carl) did on my kitchen! It sure makes a big difference for those of us who spend a great deal of our time in that part of our home. I know you will love having the counter space and being able to see your kiddos playing while you are cooking.

  8. Jules, that picture shows your true personality!!!


  9. You’re right, Mary! I do feel like I spend so much time in my kitchen. Now I can continue to do what I normally do but still feel apart of the rest of the family. It’s great!

  10. Hey, that all looks great!!! So glad you guys were able to get it done before Christmas so you can relax some and enjoy it! I’m really happy for you!!!

  11. Thanks, Carl! We are too. We now have the fun job of unpacking all the boxes that were in our storage. Some of it was fun. . .I have my Grandmother’s china cabinet that I have been dying to put in my house and fill with my china. I did that this week, that brought a lot of joy to my unpacking!