June 22, 2008

Mom had some great news this past week. She had her 4th treatment of chemo on Tuesday. She got her tumor marker count from the third treatment this week and the count is NORMAL. It’s below thirty. It’s a high “normal” but it is normal! Praise the Lord!

She is very excited. She is tolerating the side effects and so far no hair loss. Yeah!

Thanks, again, everyone for all the continued prayers and encouragement.

By the way….
I know I am doing a terrible job with my blog. I have so many pictures and posts to get to. I will try to get some things posted this week. It’s just been so busy….I know, what could a stay-at-home Mom do all day! Well, let me tell ya……try it. :)



2 responses to It’s NORMAL

  1. I was elated to hear the good news.

    I sure hope I didn’t make a mess with the milk. I keep worrying about it.

  2. Nope, no big mess!