It’s Summertime – time for Swim Lessons!

July 25, 2007

I love pool pictures! There’s just something about the blue water and happy faces that make them so endearing. Maybe it is also that I have so many fond memories of swimming every day during the summertime when I was a child. Either way, I am going to share some of the pictures from Swim Lessons with you all.

I am so glad that my parents taught me how to swim as a very young child and we spent so much time in the water. I am not afraid of water now and I also want to pass that on to my children. There is safety in knowing how to swim and I just want them to enjoy the water too.

This year Julian was in Level 3 and Jaden began Level 1 (which was the cutest thing ever!) My awesome friend Jules and I have enrolled our ever growing group of kids in swimming lessons each year together. That is always a highlight for us to see the kids progress together and see the young ones begin.

Anjelia, Jaden, Lydia, Evely (didn’t swim), Jessica, Julian and Elaina
(Pretty good crowd for two Mom’s who never thought they would have children. . .that is a whole other story for some other day)

Here’s Julian and Lydia learning what to do if they fall out of a boat and how to handle a life jacket. The lessons are put on by the Red Cross standards so they teach them a lot of things other than swimming.

Here is Anjelia and Jaden learning to float on their backs. The teachers are so good with the kids and they even remember them each year which is great.

The big highlight of the week are the diving boards. The last day at the end they take them to the boards and let them jump or dive off. Jessica is the strongest swimmer of the bunch and she dove. If anyone doesn’t want to go off – they MAKE them. They walk them to the end of the board and lower them into the water into the arms of a waiting lifeguard. They really want them to face their fears of the water.

Jaden walked to the end and bounced right off!

Julian even went up the high dive and stood there looking down. . .I didn’t think he would go

BUT he did!!

I’m happy to say that all 6 kids passed their level and will move on next year.



6 responses to It’s Summertime – time for Swim Lessons!

  1. Great post!

    Swimming lessons are always a joy. It’s fun to get together for several days in a row. It’s one of the kids’ most cherished weeks of the year.

    Jaden was so brave to walk up and jump right off the board. I loved how Anjelia held onto the ladies thumbs and dangled their until her little fingers let go!

    Watching Anjelia and Jaden hang out together in their little level 1 class was so dang cute.

    Everyone did a great job!

  2. I hear the stories of how Jaden suddenly becomes Angelia’s bodyguard whenever somebody else threatens her; even Evely! I guess she was on her own when it came to the diving board, though.

  3. Today Jaden said “Mom. . .I miss Anjelia. . .”


  4. We were sitting at my Mom’s having dinner. I was sharing with my mom the cute Anjelia / Jaden stories. Jessica piped up, “Yeah, Anjelia has a boyfriend.” Anjelia got this embarrassed look of horror on her face and burst into tears! I’ve never seen her get that embarrassed before. It was really cute.

  5. It tickles me that we have seven children between the two of us!

    We are very blessed!!

    I love pictures of them all together. I need to post the pic of them at the theatre. Too cute.

  6. swimming is my favorite way of burning of those extra fats and calories,*~