Keeping you Posted….

March 20, 2008

Mom met with her Dr. on Monday. They discussed the new chemo treatment that she will begin immediately. She had an echo gram done on her heart on Wednesday and it was fine, so they have scheduled her first chemo for this Monday morning.

This treatment has a lot of the same side affects as the other one. She will have it every four weeks instead of every three weeks and it doesn’t take as long to receive the treatment as the previous one did. They would give her a maximum of four of these treatments.

Please pray for stamina and continued lifted spirits for her. Pray that this will be very effective and that it will completely get rid of the cancer cells that have continued to live through the last two rounds of treatments.



2 responses to Keeping you Posted….

  1. It’s going to be good to get this done sooner with fewer treatments. Summer’s coming and we want Judy to feel good at Silver Dollar City! 😀

  2. Will do, I was so sorry to hear that this is a battle that still needs to be fought.