Laughter is good medicine

January 19, 2006

Okay, the following video is just absolutely hilarious!! However, I must say that my earthy side comes out as I post this. It’s rude, crude and obnoxious. . .but guaranteed to make you laugh. Maybe it’s because I have two small boys who love to toot, run around naked and laugh at burps. . . makes me feel right at home.

Here are some reasons to laugh. Did you know this?

1. Laughter boosts the immune system by decreasing the body’s cortisol levels (an immune suppressor)
2. Hearty laughter speeds up the heart rate, improves blood circulation and increases oxygen consumption
3. Laughing for 15 seconds a day adds two days to a person’s overall lifespan
4. Laughter increases antibodies in saliva, combating upper respiratory infections
5. Laughing causes the body to secrete an enzyme that protects the stomach from forming ulcers.

Where do croissants come from??




10 responses to Laughter is good medicine

  1. ahaahahhahah!

  2. Did you feel your immune system go up??

  3. I think any mom of little ones appreciates good poop humor! Poop is so much a part of our daily lives!

    Very cute and funny! Can’t wait to have a crescent roll next!

  4. I will never look at a crescent roll the same way!! :)

  5. That’s funny!!! You earthy woman you!

  6. That does it, I will NEVER eat another cresent roll as long as I live!

    But the video is hilarious.

  7. This fits my little brother, Tommy toot toot, to the tee!!!! I remember when he was little, well even now, that he was like this. No wonder Julian calls him toot toot??

  8. Funny, Toot Toot! As memory serves me right, I think it’s YOU that answers to that name. Never heard Tom called that!! Hee Hee.

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