Let it snow!

December 7, 2005


Today as I dropped Julian off at school, he took forever to get into the building. He kept stopping to throw back his head and let the snow fall on his mouth gaping open and tongue hanging out. I thought it was sweet until he started stooping down to drag his fingers through the snow on the sidewalk and then sticking it in his mouth. It wasn’t in the newly fallen snow in the grass. Oh no, it was the crunched up, trodden down snow that all the primary kids and parents had just walked through! You gotta love kids!



7 responses to Let it snow!

  1. The first snow always catches me off guard. It’s like the cold weather is just late fall weather but when it snows, it’s like the exclamation point saying “yep, summer’s over.” Now prepare for driving with care and slushy shoes, the car can never warm up fast enough and scraping.

  2. I say as long as it isn’t yellow….does it matter? I agree with Tom…summer’s over – that’s for sure!

  3. Isn’t the joy from a child heartwarming? I can remember those days with my children. Evidently dirty snow doesn’t hurt them too much. Bet you wish you’d had your camera.

  4. LOL, too funny. Reminds me of me. Or Tom.

    I still get all giddy when it starts snowing. Some guys never grow up!

  5. I love that first snow, too. I especially like it when I don’t have to get out and drive in it!

  6. Snow is always better with a little flavoring….

  7. Gross, Carl!! I prefer just the chemical taste that it has myself.