Lord, Have Mercy!!

November 7, 2005

This is an embarassing admition from me, but I’m going to write about this anyway.

Right about the time we found out about Mom’s cancer, I was on my way home from their house. I had two fussy, tired kids and was trying to get home quickly. I was headed up Bynum in L.J. and got to the top of the hill only to be met by Officer Friendly himself. I was even fortunate to see his pretty lights come on and saw him point my direction to pull over. So I did. I knew that I was going over the posted speed limit of 25.

He told me he clocked me going 48!!!!! I can honestly say that I was speeding, but I was NOT going 48. The baby was crying, I was worn out and I just didn’t argue and graciously accepted my little yellow ticket and said “I’m sorry.”



Needless to say I have been staring at this ticket on my fridge for two months now. Tomorrow is the big court day. Tom had all along wanted me to get a lawyer so that it doesn’t go on my record, my insurance and have a hefty fine. However, I have felt as though this were a test of my faith.

Let me explain. . .
Now, I am known to overspiritualize everything in my life, but I just really felt this down deep. I know that the Word says that Jesus resides with me. He is my advocate in heaven. He intercedes for me all the time. So why wouldn’t he go with me to this court date? Couldn’t he cause the judge to have mercy on me? Couldn’t he take care of this big deal in my life and make it very simple? Yes, Yes, and Yes. That’s what I think. So I have chosen to skip the lawyer and rely on HIM.

So as an act of faith, I am putting this on here and I am going to believe that Christ is with me and that He will not fail me even in this matter. I was breaking the law and I do deserve to have some sort of judgement. However, I hope that it would be light. So I will let you know what happens tomorrow night. . .

Sorry to keep you in suspense.

Please pray that the Judge will have mercy on me. I know that he could throw the book at me.



18 responses to Lord, Have Mercy!!

  1. Don’t even get me started on the police in that town!

    I got stoped by that guy one time. He inflated my ticket by 15 or so mph. My ticket was a long time ago and at the time he didn’t even have a speed gun. He said that he paced me going 60 in a school zone that was 25. I’m sure I was doing at least 45 which is still too fast but it’s impossible to do 60 because there is a nasty curve in front of that school. I figured that he had to do 60 to catch me and that is what he put down as my ‘pace’ speed. Maybe that’s how it works, I don’t know. I do know that he is a rude man.

    You know you’re in a small town when the police cars don’t have hub caps or speed guns!

  2. Just ask for court supervision – they will double the fine but it won’t go on your record. How do I know that???? Hmmm….I’m just smart – that’s all! hee hee

  3. Cathy, what is court supervision?

  4. They send someone to help with the kids.

  5. Oh wow! I hate getting pulled over. I can’t imagine getting an inflated ticket. I’ll definitely be praying for you! Hey, wait, is the court date already over?

  6. No, the court date is Tuesday. Thanks for praying.

    Yes, James, that’s the same corner I got pulled over on – just going the opposite way. Funny thing is he pulled my dad over a few weeks later in the exact same spot and told him he was going about 40. He let him go when he found out Dad was on his way to the hospital to see Mom. I guess he has a small soft spot somewhere.

  7. I’ve never got a speeding ticket. :p

    I’ll pray for a light scourging!

  8. If I ever get stoped by that guy again I’m going to make him show me his speed gun. That’s all he has as real evidence.

    Unlike Julie, I have been given many tickets for speeding and many of them showed me the radar gun and it was blinking the speed.

    Look on the ticket and see if it says radar gun or paced. If it says paced you actually have an arguement.

  9. Yeah, I heard that you can ask to see the gun. I didn’t know that until later or I would have asked. He couldn’t have paced me because he MET me on the road. That’s why I don’t think he really knew what I was going.

    We have a friend at church that is an policeman. He encouraged me to get a lawyer. He said they could really ream me out here. He also said that they don’t have to show you there gun even if asked. Hmmm.

    Oh well, I will get my spanking tonight. We’ll see how bad it is.

  10. If you break the law no matter what the excuse, judgement cometh. This is a life philosophy I have lived by and the rewards of such an elevated existence are plainly evident in my life: an inexhaustable sense of modesty, humbleness and empathy. Also the financial benefits are boundless. Yachts, mansions and exotic cars are just the beginning. I have told Karen throughout all these learning years being my padowan to just emulate me. Life would go so much easier and be so much less embarrassing, frustrating and irritating. It’s plain to see from my blatant example of perfection how her days should be planned and her life lived. Can I get a witness here?

  11. If Karen emulated you more there would just be too much gas to even be around you.

  12. I can not believe there is a criminal in our family. Karen I have always spoke so highly of you and now look at what you have done to the Shoemaker Name!!!! All of us Shoemakers have done our best to be law abiding and never speed. NOT. Good luck.

  13. Funny, Kenny! Sorry to let you down.

    Julian has been the one that has benefited from my breaking the law. He is understanding that Mommy’s and Daddy’s mess up too. I told him tonight that I was going to have to court because I got in trouble. He asked if I was going to jail. When I assured him that I wasn’t, he said “Mom, they are gonna take all your money!”.

  14. Wow! This is gonna be a good season!
    Take care

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    But it was interesting.


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