Man vs. Food….or rather, Boy vs. Food

March 23, 2009

The other evening we stopped at Subway for dinner. We are always on the quest to get the kids to eater healthier when going out, so we thought this would be a good alternative. We debated on how many subs to order and Julian insisted that he was starving and would like a footlong. I thought it was crazy to order one for him but after rehearsing in my mind all the enormous amounts of food he can put away at home, we did.

I had no idea that an almost 9 year old can eat so much. I’ve always been told how much teenagers eat and I can only imagine the grocery bill when both boys hit puberty!

So did he do it? Did he overcome the footlong challenge? Check it out…

He was up to the challenge and hit it head on.

Half done…..

Still going strong.

Awww…the agony of defeat. That was all that was left.

I think in another month he’ll do it!



3 responses to Man vs. Food….or rather, Boy vs. Food

  1. More for me… 😉

  2. Yum, leftovers! I’m having a hard time making enough food for the six of us. Last night we sat down to dinner and James asked me where my plate was. There wasn’t enough food so I was waiting for kids scraps. He said he wished I wouldn’t do that, but I’d rather do that then throw food out!

    Way to go, Julian! I bet you are going to grow like a weed this summer. Fresh air and sub sandwiches should get it done!

  3. I understand that, Julie! There are times we Mom’s give up so that everyone else eats. It’s easier not to eat than to hear little mouths complain about being hungry all the time.

    You’re right, you can make a good meal over all the leftovers on the plates when they are done. My waistline would be better off to just clean up the leftovers than to eat and then also clean up the leftovers! :)