Meet the Peach

October 1, 2012



Peaches is Jaden’s new Panda Hamster. She has quite the personality: she is clean, doesn’t burrow, sleeps on her back, is a piglet when it comes to food and just a ham to watch. She came to our home a few weeks ago after we had a proper burial of Evely’s hamster in the unmarked Pet Cemetery under the lilac bush. Evely went to the pet store to pick out a new dwarf syrian hamster named Cocoa and Peaches made it home with us too.

One thing about the Peach is she is a large hamster and when she gets on her wheel she can get that thing walking across the cage and bouncing against the sides…all. night. long. So the other night Jaden woke up to her whirring and banging, sleepily opened her cage, fixed the wheel and went back to bed. There was a step missing there if you didn’t notice. Step 3: Shut the cage. So the next morning I woke up Jaden and saw the open cage and no Peaches. A lone tell tale dropping was found right beside the open vent leading to the ductwork. Shoot!

After three days of listening, searching, waiting, coaxing with treats, vacuum hoses run into the vents smeared with peanut butter and the like, we were giving up. She was nowhere to be found and we were afraid she was dead. Tom called that third afternoon to tell me that we were going to have to do something drastic before the Peaches started to stink. I prayed and prayed knowing that the Lord who “cares about the birds of the air” also knows where a rogue mouse is. I was doing laundry and I heard it! Scratching and scratching in the duct work by the furnace. It was her and I was ready to fetch her out of there; except there was no way to get into the furnace that I could see. Everything was sealed up. After telling my Dad about the hammy, he showed up with some tools determined to rescue Peaches from sudden doom. We were standing there looking at how in the world we would get into the furnace when I saw it: a pink nose sticking from a tiny hole in the furnace. The hole had a rubber gasket around it and she was nibbling away trying to get the rubber off. We stretched it as best we could but to no avail. The hamster was too big to fit through the hole. Finally we figured we could pull the gasket off and when we did, here she came. Pulling, stretching and prying her body from the tiny hole! I almost cried. Like watching a birth. So here she is, back in her cage happy and safe. Mama’s happy she is safe too. God really does answer prayer.



One response to Meet the Peach

  1. Peaches is ADORABLE! I’m so thankful she’s safe and sound!