Memories New and Old

September 23, 2007

It is now officially Fall! I love this time of year. Whenever the leaves begin to change and the air cools down so many memories come flooding back. My birthday is a Fall birthday so I have happy memories of that time in my life, I started dating Tom in the Fall of 1988 and I was married on the first day of Fall in 1991. These are all wonderful memories that I revisit as autumn festivities arrive.

My parents were so good to us and watched the kiddos so we could slip away for a couple days of relaxation and celebration of our 16 years of marriage. Thanks so much!!

Tom and I started our day away Friday morning and I must say it was off to a really rough start. We planned to go to Rocheport, MO to a B&B. They have a trailhead to the Katy Trail right there in the town so we were going to take our bikes and do some riding. Tom found that his bike tire was completely flat and off the rim when he went to load it up to leave. Oops! So we left them home and went bike-less.

We ended up doing some fabulous garage sale-ing, Tom lovingly refers to as treasure hunting, on the way out of town. We ate a wonderful lunch at Olive Garden and arrived in Rocheport in the afternoon. Rocheport (said as Roshe not Roach or Rock) is a very quaint town situated on the banks of the Missouri River not far from Columbia. It is filled with antique shops, galleries and Bed & Breakfasts. Many people stop there on their treks down the Katy Trail.

We stayed at the Yates House B&B. We would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone! Dixie and Conrad are wonderful inn keepers and the hospitality is really felt. The inn is a newly built home patterned after homes in the 1850’s. The room we stayed in was charming and spoke of many yesteryears with it’s big antique furniture and muted colors. Very comforting. I told Tom that when I awoke Saturday morning it was like waking up in my Grandma Browns house in West Virginia. Good memories!


wine3This is the garden house where we stayed in the Rose room. We had the entire upstairs to ourselves and it had a large modern bathroom in it too.

After checking into our room we headed out to the Katy Trail. They had a cute bike shop rental/deli where you could rent bikes. We chose this tandem recumbent job to take out for a spin.

wine6Getting ready to go!

We saw many sites along the way: an old railroad tunnel, a cave, the Mighty MO, huge bluffs, a deer and just God’s beauty all along the way. This was a superbly relaxing and beautiful time for us. This was my favorite memory of the weekend. Here are just a few pics I took on the trail.




Rocheport is also home to Les Bourgeois Winery and Bistro. They were having their Fall Festival this weekend so many people were about. The Bistro is an A-frame restaurant right on the bluffs of the Missouri and this is where we went for dinner.

wine1Les Bourgeois (said Lay Boo-jwah – I loved to say this and drove Tom crazy pronouncing this lovely French word over and over and over and over. . .)

Saturday morning we went downstairs to the Garden Room in our house and were treated to a gourmet breakfast by Dixie. It really was gourmet!! Dixie is renowned for her cooking and has been written about in many magazines. She has published two cookbooks of her recipes. We dined on her signature Creme Brulee French Toast, fresh fruit, egg souffle, and grilled italian sausage kabobs.


After checking out, we walked around town and visited the local artisans and antique stores which was a really fun outing. The people of Rocheport are very hospitable people and make you feel right at home.

Later we headed back toward home. Took in the “Bourne Ultimatum” movie (AWESOME!!!) ate dinner and headed back to get the kids.

This was such a relaxing, fun and memorable weekend. If anyone out there is reading this and needs a good break from the routine, I highly recommend Rocheport!!! Give it a try and stay at the Yates House – you will not be disappointed.

If you are still reading. . .

Another memory for me was on the first day of Fall in 2005. It was my Mom’s big surgery – the one you all know about and remember. I am so incredibly happy to have my Mom still here in my life. She is a true blessing to me every day and I thank God for each day we have. She had her tumor marker count redone this past week. It came in at 9. This is two points up from her last count at 7. Her oncologist has assured her that the numbers are not always “telling” but are something to keep an eye on. Anything under 20 is considered “normal” I know that for her any movement upward in her numbers brings her back to her knees and she has to re-position her faith in the Lord. I can’t imagine just the place she is in and having to think about this every dr. visit. Please keep her in your prayers and that the cancer will stay in remission – actually be completely removed from her body. That she will not give in to worry about her counts and all of that. That we can all keep our minds in the right place, full of peace and trusting God with every outcome.

People with their minds set on God,
You keep completely whole,
Steady on their feet,
because they keep at it and don’t quit.
Depend on God and keep at it
because in the Lord God you have a sure thing.

~ Isaiah 26:3 The Message



11 responses to Memories New and Old

  1. Looks like fun :-) I can’t wait to “get away” with Jonathan one of these days. It’s been SOOOOOOOOOO long since we got to do something like that (without disaster striking).

    I’m getting really excited for fall…but I’m still waiting for “fall like” temps. I’m starting to bust out the soup recipies and such, so I guess I’m trying to “force” the fall-like feeling over here. Maybe it will work 😉

  2. I’m with ya on being ready for fall! I can’t wait to wear some long sleeves and jeans, make soup and have heat in my house. I’m ready!!

    I thought of you when we were trying to get everyone ready to leave. It was just one small disaster after another and the kids came down with colds the day before. I was wondering if we may have to cancel. So I was definitely thinking of you!!

  3. I’m not sure the name of the B&B we have, but that is where we are having our June girls weekend this next year and we are excited. We always have a good time though, wherever we go.

    Your pics are real nice and now I can’t wait till june.

  4. Hey, Marlis! Jules was just telling me that you are staying in the Treehouse. It’s located right across from the picture that was taken of Tom and I on the bike. It’s this big building up on stilts. You guys will have a blast!!! There are good restaurants, live music, antiquing. . .you’ll have fun!

  5. Karen, this is great stuff! I’ m going to show John tonight–we definitely need a getaway…and very soon!

    I’m loving all the pictures–my favorite is the abandoned bike just where you wrote about the wineries. Noted you just plain left ’em on the trail–did y’all even stop fully before you ran to the winery? (hehe, sorry)

    I’m actually quite worn out reading about your ‘relaxing’ weekend–maybe I’m tired anyway. I am. I’m going to try for a 20 minute nap before dive meet this afternoon. xoxo

  6. Karen I couldn’t remember the name, but I remember Punkie told me it was on stilts. I really enjoyed last year and can’t wait till this next June get together. We have so much fun. I feel young when we all get together.

  7. Karen, the railroad tunnel pic you have is cool. The tunnel and area around Rocheport and Booneville were used in a movie of Steven Kings. Can’t remember the name. I worked at the Huge motel in my town where the movie stars all stayed and I had the executive suites. I had Robert Michums grandson and danced with him at a wrap they thru and invited Tommy and I . It’s been 14 years and I can see the other stars and can’t think of their name. It’s heck to get old. OK Tim Matheson, Bentley Mitchum, and William Sanderson and Nick Sadler. “Sometimes they come back” was the title. I have a scrapbook with all their pics with Tommy or I and their autographs. Fun and memories, and you just brought them all back with that pic of the tunnel.

  8. How fun is that memory, Marlis!!!! Very neat.

    Yeah, you will love Rocheport. . .I will definitely want to go back again. We had originally tried to plan a quick weekend trip to FL for this anniversary but couldn’t swing it. I was really disappointed but when we were in our B&B room we saw on the t.v. that FL was in a tropical storm. God really does care about even our fun times away. He knew what we really needed! It was such a blast!

  9. Stacey, sorry to wear you out from all my relaxing! :)

    Funny thing is, there really is a bike stop with a bike rack for the winery. Right there on the MO river! You can park it and walk waaaay up the bluffs to the bistro. We were laughing about that.

    I like that pic of the bikes too. I also have on in black and white that I think would look nice framed.

    It was good to see you guys last night! Can’t wait for the Bunko.

  10. Rocheport is one of our favorite day trips on the motorcycle (we’re east of Kansas City)! Arrow Rock isn’t so far from there, and I enjoy soaking up the history there also.

  11. Karen, I am so sorry that I haven’t kept up with your blog. I don’t know what my problem has been. I am back. Anyway, I LOVE the bike pic!!! That looks like so much fun. I am glad you guys got to have such a fun get-away!!!!