Mommy, I a Tiger!

January 27, 2006

The other day I caught one of those moments on my camera that you could only hope to have.

Jaden, for the first time, was pretending to be something in his imagination. Up until this point, he has been very good at playing with cars, trucks, trains and toys but I had never seen him just use his imagination without a toy. It was adorable.

I was folding clothes on the bed and he crawled up to snuggle in the pile of warm clothes freshly pulled from the dryer. He discovered the basket and immediately crawled under it and announced “Mommy, I a Tiger! Rrraaawwrrrhhh!”

The ferocious tiger!

I laughed outloud. We had just rented Two Brothers (A cute story of two tiger cubs separated when young, who eventually find themselves back together). He loved the movie and would ask to watch it over and over.

Good thing this mighty cat is caged!



3 responses to Mommy, I a Tiger!

  1. Jaden and Anjelia are soooo dang cute it hurts! What a delightful age. I love it when little ones start to pretend!

  2. Hi dear Judith and wonderful family.

    What a GREAT website! My old computer went out–I got this new one–now I can get in. The memory was bad on it.

    Judith, you are doing so well! Praise God! Praise your faith!

    That boat trip is something else isn’t it? It will always be in your memories. Oh, just don’t disapear.


  3. Thanks for posting, Edie. I will make sure that Mom read this post from you. Thanks for your encouragement!