Mom’s Hand

October 17, 2005

I feel like with this whole major event in Mom’s life, we are just praying her through one thing at a time. Isn’t that how life is! I know you all have been there, too. Where all you can do is focus on one step at a time and one foot in front of the other.

Mom has a “minor” thing that has become a “major” thing in her everyday life at this moment. Where her IV was in her hand has become very very sore. When she goes to bed at night she wakes up in pain from it. Two of her fingers are pretty numb and it is just really bugging her. She has tried sitting up to sleep and that seems to help her hand from hurting so bad, but she really isn’t getting the sleep she needs.

They have also told her that once she starts her chemo that the healing process in her body will stay where it is. She is praying that her hand will be well before the chemo starts and that she can get the sleep she needs, which helps her to heal up as much as possible before the treatments.

Please pray for her hand, fingers and sleep. Pray also that the healing from surgery won’t stop because she has started the chemo. God is so much bigger than all of this and we are asking Him to do above and beyond what we could ask or think or imagine. Above what the Dr.’s are saying and thinking, too.

Thanks everyone! We love you!



6 responses to Mom’s Hand

  1. What did the doctor say this afternoon? I hope they are able to bring her some relief. She needs her rest. We’re praying here.

  2. Thanks!

    They said she does have some encephalitis (sp?) in her hand, but there is nothing they can do for it. It may take months for it to heal up. He gave her some pain medicine to take at night and said to elevate it.

    Appreciate the prayers so much.

  3. Oops! Not encephalitis, but phlebitis.

  4. Oh my!! I hate it when the IV hurts in your hand. Mine in the hospital was because it needed changed or they were putting the meds in too fast, but it hurts so bad you cry. Your moms going through enough without this pain. I hope the pain pills help her.

  5. Delightful blog. God bless you guys.

  6. Ron! Thank you for posting! I am honored that you would visit my site. Thank you for your blessing. I have been really blessed by your website, too. It has been very encouraging to me!!